Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Red Raven

Liberty Legion member number 4, The Red Raven. I used an Angel base figurine.

and the rest of the photos...

That's now four of The Liberty Legion complete, next up is member number 5, Thin Man. I'm also about to start my competition entry for the 'Superhero Figurine Forum', which is... can't say just yet, but the competition this month is for de-powered mutants, because of 'M' Day. I'm still waiting for the base figurines to arrive for all of these, so I might start on one for my own collection, which I do have a base figurine for, The Fury.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Blue Diamond

Here we have the 3rd addition to The Liberty Legion, Blue Diamond. I used a Daredevil base figurine.

Quite an easy one to do, apart from the gem in the center of his chest, I had to hollow out a square in the middle of his chest, then insert a gem. The gem is generally used to decorate cards.

Blue Diamond, The Patriot & Miss America.

Next up is another member of the team, The Red Raven.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Golden Age Patriot

Finally finished another member of The Liberty Legion, The Patriot.

I used a Captain America base figurine, it had the right stance, and the costume was very similar to The Patriots, had to remove the shield, trim down the boots, remove the wings and smooth away the chainmail. The only thing I had to add was a fin on the top of the head.

That's now two of The Liberty Legion done, The Patriot and Miss America.

Next up is The Blue Diamond