Friday, 29 October 2010


So many characters I want to do, and one team of heroes I've always had on my radar are The ClanDestine. A reclusive English mutant family created by Alan Davis. It will take me quite some time to create this family, they are many, and the costumes for some are quite complex.

The first one I decided to start with is Wallop, the strong man of the family, a Hulk type character, who becomes larger, the angrier he gets, the problem is the larger he becomes the dumber he becomes. In a crossover with the X-Men, it took the combined might of The ClanDestine & The X-Men to take him down when he lost control.

I used the Hulk figurine from Eaglemoss as my base figure, for obvious reasons.

What at first looked like a simple job, turned out to be not so simple. The arms on Clandestine are a lot longer than The Hulk, and Wallop has more hair, so the whole job had more to it, with quite a bit of Milliput involved.

Initial prep'


Base Paint Application


Next up is.... hmmm.... haven't actually got one lined up! It will be either Stonewall, Super Sabre, one of the Ani-Men, or another member of The ClanDestine. I have got a spare Spiderman figurine so I could add the black costume to my Spidey collection.

Monday, 25 October 2010


This months Superhero Figurine Forum competition was for Batman villians. A real change of direction for me, DC villians, not my speciality. The character's costume is very similar to Batman's, and it would have been easy to just painted over the Batman figurine from Eaglemoss, but not one to try anything easy, I used a Yellowjacket figurine. The muscle shape and stance matched some of the refence material I used.

It made a change doing a character not connected with Marvel, and I expect there will be many more to attempt.

Must buy a decent camera, it's on my Christmas wish list, because using my wife's mobile phone to take these pictures is very hit and miss with the quality. This set of pictures are quite blurry, which lost a lot of detail. I came third this time round in the competition, hopefully i'll do better next time.

At the moment i've just finished the sculpting on the Wallop figurine i'm doing from Clandestine. Hopefully it should be finished by the end of the week.