Wednesday, 3 November 2010

SpiderMan Black Costume

There I was dusting my figurines, a weekly marathon event, looking at the various Captain Britain customs, and the Daredevil customs I have done. It seems to be thing in Comics for the costume to change on a regular basis. I started on my Spidey collection, and was reminded that I had not done one Spidey custom, let alone one of his various costume changes.

And behold I had two Spidey figurines just waiting for a paint job. The obvious first choice was the black costume, which I thought would be an easy paint job, It would have been if i'd not had to squint, squint, and squint some more, due to one eye being long sighted, or is it short sighted? can never remember. When applying the legs of the white spider on the costume, lets just say a lot of blur, and squinting involved.

Obviously I used the Spiderman figurine by Eaglemoss, which I had to smooth some of the red webbing parts down, before applying the black paint.

I'm still waiting for my base figurine to arrive for the Super Sabre i'm doing next, so in the mean time i'll have a go at doing the red n' gold Spidey from the civil war storyline.