Saturday, 26 February 2011


Here we have the final member of the trio who became members of Freedom Force with the likes of Mystique, Blob, Avalanche, Pyro etc, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

I used a Doc Samson base figurine, because I needed him to have a bit more height than the Crimson Commando figurine I did last year.

Next, I plan to start another team, and another one for my own collection. The one for my collection is going to be the Iron-Spidey costume, as worn by Spider-Man in the Civil War event. This I will take my time with, especially the mechanical arms.

The team I'm doing next is going to be The Dark X-Men as seen in the Marvel Event - Dark Reign. I plan to do Mimic, Wolverine/Dakken, Michael Pointer and maybe Dark Beast.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Super Sabre

September of last year I did a figurine called Crimson Commando, a member of a team called Freedom Force, from the X-Men comics. He was part of an original trio, Crimson Commando, Super Sabre, and Stonewall.

This figurine is Super Sabre, the second member of the trio. Super speed is his trademark power, which he used to hunt down criminals for sport.

I used an Impossible Man figurine for my base figure.

Next up is the third member of this team, Stonewall.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

It's been a while!

Work, Work, Work, and Work has taken a lot of my time away lately from doing any customs, but i've once again started work on some more figurines.

I'm currently working on Super Sabre, one member of Freedom Force from the X-Men. I've almost finished sculpting the Milliput, and will begin painting hopefully tomorrow.

Watch this space!

For those of you who are unaware of who he is, here's a picture of him, which i'm using as reference at the moment.

After i've finished this one I will do Stonewall, the third member of the trio.