Friday, 29 April 2011

Red Guardian

So no work today, the Royal wedding on TV, and I decide to hide away from British Royal tradition and paint a Russian!

This is the first of the Soviet Super Soldiers I intend to do. Red Guardian was Russia's answer to Captain America, and fought alongside Darkstar, Ursa Major, Vanguard & Crimson Dynamo to name but a few members. His first appearance was way back in 1967 in Avengers #43, and he was also married to the Black Widow.

I used the Captain America figurine for my base figure, for obvious reasons.

I do intend to add Darkstar and Vanguard to my to-do list, especially Darkstar, just have to find the right base figurine at a decent price.

Next up is Bushwacker for my DD collection, which I have the base figurine for, and it'll take a bit of time. One head transplant, lots of milliput for the clothing, and arm gun thingy to sculpt.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Imperial Guard Poll

To save you some time searching for which Imperial Guard Member is which I've compiled a list to help you, they are...


Black Light














White Noise

Hope this is of some help towards your decision?

Friday, 22 April 2011

Imp - ClanDestine

Here we have Imp from the ClanDestine family. This is the second member of this family created by the wonderfully talented Alan Davis. She is the youngest member of the family along with her twin brother, who is called The Crimson Crusader. I will do him in the not too distant future.

I used Blink as my base figurine.

Next up is Red Guardian from the Soviet Super Soldiers, which I've already begun on, so hopefully I'll have that one finished this weekend. Then it's Bushwacker to add to my DD collection.

Then I think i'll return to doing a few X-Related characters, thinking of maybe some Starjammers or maybe some members of the Imperial Guard.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Iron SpiderMan

At long last I've finally finished the Iron SpiderMan figurine I've been working on for some time. The painting of the figurine didn't take too long compared to the work that went into the mechanical arms. Three paper clips, some Milliput, some more Milliput, and a lot of patience.

I used the SpiderMan figurine... err... not too obvious why I used it!

SpiderMan x 4

I've started on Imp from The ClanDestine family, plus I've got my base figurines for the next two I'm going to do, after I've finished Imp, which are Red Guardian, and Bushwacker, although I need a Sandman head for the Bushwacker figurine.