Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Elektra White

Here's my latest one, Elektra in her white costume. I could have just done a simple re-paint, by painting all the red bits white, but that's not much of a challenge.
With this one I experimented a bit with the paint I normally use. Games workshop paints can be really thick, and it can be hard to get a smooth surface with them sometimes, especially using White or Flesh. I thinned down every paint I used to create a much smoother finish, granted it took several coats but the end result was a lot better.
Next up I wanted to add more tone, and shade than I usually put into the figurines. I used Games Workshop Elf Flesh for the base colour, Dwarf Flesh for shade, and Vallejo Pale Flesh for the highlights, followed by some more thinned Elf Flesh to blend it together.
For the White clothing I used Skull White, Black Wash for the shade, and detail on arm wraps, Ice Blue for tone, with a wash of thinned Skull White to blend it all together. I also used black wash to edge the costume, to give it depth.
I'm pleased with the result, and will apply these techniques to all future figurines I do, even if it does mean each one will take longer than normal.

Obviously I used the Elektra figurine as my base.

What to do next? Waiting for a Daredevil figurine to arrive, so I can do a Shadowland DD, and also Bushwacker, another DD villian to start on.

I'm also trying to get hold of some base figurines, cheap, to do Havok (Eggbeater Costume), Darkstar, and Baron Blood.