Thursday, 2 June 2011

Daredevil Shadowland

I don't collect every Marvel figurine released by Eaglemoss, but I am partial to anything connected to Daredevil, which is very limited, with him not classed as a 'heavy hitter' like the X-Men, or SpiderMan.
Daredevil has been going since the 60's which means there is a wide, and varied collection of characters, villians, heroes and civilians to consider, most won't reach Eaglemoss' radar, let alone the costume changes DD has had over the years.
Apart from his traditional red one, he's also known for his original yellow, armored version, and more recently his Shadowland costume, which is the one I decided to add to the Red, yellow, and armored versions I did way back when I first started customising.

Quite a simple one to do with hardly any use of Milliput, or sculpting involved, just a simple paint job, of sorts.

I crafted the wrist blades from some thin bits of plastic, very fiddly to work with, and used Milliput for the wrist straps, and more milliput to attach the blades to the straps.

Each artist who drew DD in the Shadowland storyline would draw the blades differently, some with obvious arm attachments, some with no so obvious, and some didn't draw them at all. I went with the, what looked like red leather attaching the blades to the red wrist straps.

With the DD lettering on the chest, yet again it depended on the artist interpretation, some would draw it neat, some would draw it like it had been drawn in blood, and quite rough looking. I went for the latter, rough looking DD.

The attached photo's don't show too well the blue ink wash I used to give the black costume a little bit more depth, as depicted in the comics.

I really need to tie up some loose ends in my own collection. I've done just two members of ClanDestine, a while back I did Bird-Man from the Ani-Men, and recently I did Red Guardian from The Soviet Super Soldiers. The common denominator being I've started, but not finished, any of these groups, and now I want to do some of The Imperial Guard members. Hmmmm... what to do?

Well... next up is another for my DD collection, one I've been promising to do for a while, Bushwacker, and then it's Havok in his 'Egg-Beater' costume. Once these are done I'm going to work on completing The Ani-Men, and then The Imperial Guard. The Imperial Guard poll I had running only had 7 votes, but add that to conversations I had with other like-minded people, I have a pretty good idea which ones I'd like to do.