Saturday, 23 July 2011

Ape-Man Progress Update

Just lately I've not been producing too many customs! Time seems to be against me, or to put it another way, work, work, and more work, is taking a lot of my time. For those of you that do customize, you'll know you need to be wide awake, and not rush them to get a decent finish.

I have been working on another of the Ani-Men, slowly, doing a bit every now and then. I've managed to get to the stage where I can begin painting him. So I thought I would show where i'm at at the moment....

Here's a photo of Ape-Man at the start of the painting process. When I've finished him I'll put the pictures on this blog, which probably won't be until next week. Out tonight, and off to see Judas Priest and Queensryche tomorrow night.

Anyway here's Ape-Man so far....

I intend to do Frog-Man and Cat-Man to complete the team.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


Bushwacker first appeared in Daredevil in 1987, in an issue that also starred Wolverine. The story involved Wolverine tracking Bushwacker, who was killing gifted, artistic mutants. Daredevil stopped Wolverine from killing Bushwacker, but Bushwacker then went on to kill another mutant whilst the heroes were arguing. DD & Wolvie stopped him in the end, gasoline and an explosion had something to do with it.
Bushwacker next appears working for Typhoid Mary, who was employed by The Kingpin to bring DD down. He's also gone up against The Punisher on more than one occasion.

Why did I choose him?... I felt he was quite an important DD villian, and a must for my DD collection.

I used a Klaw base figurine, a Sandman head, and plenty of Milliput for the clothing.

What's next?.... I've had some bad luck recently with buying base figurines, quite a few eBayers have let me down, hence the lack of figurines completed that I've mentioned in previous posts I would do. I do still plan on doing every one I've mentioned in the past, but I won't pay over the odds for a figure.

I do have a base figure for my next one, it's going to be Ape-Man, one of DD's earliest villians, who was a member of the Ani-Men in the 60's. If you check back on an earlier custom I did, you'll see the Bird-Man, Ape-Man will be the second member of the team, and I also plan to do Frog-Man, and Cat-Man to complete the four members of the original Ani-Men.