Sunday, 28 August 2011

Owl Figurine From Eaglemoss

Those of you that are familiar with my personal fav's, will know that I am a big DD fan, hence a lot of my customs being old DD villians, like the recent Ani-Men I've been doing. I've always considered doing The Owl, but held back because I thought Eaglemoss will one day produce him. In their recent blog they've released pre-production pictures of him, and I think he looks great.

The Owl

Some have questioned whether he should have an owl on his shoulder, I personally think he doesn't need one. I'm glad they've decided to go with a traditional costume.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ape-Man (Ani-Men)

Daredevil villians over the years have been strange, varied, unusual, especially those created in the 1960's. The Ani-Men, created by Wally Wood in 1965, and first appeared in Daredevil #10, fall into all of these catagories.

Eaglemoss will more than likely not include many of DD's greatest foes, especially early ones like the Ani-Men. Being a big DD fan, and a collector of Eaglemoss figurines, I felt I needed to include these characters in my collection, which obviously meant some custom work for me.

Some time ago I started with the first of The Ani-Men, Bird-Man, which I adapted a Vulture figurine. The second member of the foursome is Ape-Man. I used The Thing for my base figurine, he just had that ape look about him, if you ignore the orange brick-work.

Here's a photo of Ape-Man, and Bird-Man together.

The Ani-Men were recruited by a man called The Organizer, who was a New York Mayor candidate. The Ani-Men consisted of Ape-Man, Bird-Man, Cat-Man and Frog-Man. I haven't decided which figurines to use yet for Cat-Man, or Frog-Man, but once I've decided I'll post it on this blog.

I was looking through my figurine bits n' bobs, and came across a Green Goblin figurine with a broken ankle. Spidey figurines are very popular, and Eaglemoss will produce a lot of Spidey's villians, and maybe this one I'm going to do also. The character in question is Carrion, who has the same build as Greeny, but I will need to position the arms, otherwise it will look too much like the Green Goblin figuirine.