Monday, 26 September 2011

Frog-Man (Ani-Men)

I planned to finish off Frog-Man on Wednesday on my day off, but I finished work early today, which mean't I could finish him today. This is the third member of the Ani-Men, sporting, probably the worst costume out of all four Ani-Men, but I must admit, I quite enjoyed doing this one, and I'm pleased with the finished result.
My camera doesn't really pick out the texture of the paintwork I applied to his body, especially the darker green area's. I tried to give him a moss-type-swamp look to his costume. In hand it looks quite good, but alas a camera will show up a multitude of sins.

I used an Iceman figurine for my base figure. I wanted a slim, smooth looking body, and the Iceman fit the bill.


and here we have all three Ani-Men so far, Bird-Man, Frog-Man & Ape-Man.

That leaves just Cat-Man to complete the foursome.

Next up hopefully, will be Cat-Man, when I get my base figurine to use.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Absent But Not Idle!

It's been a while since my last custom, 'Ape-Man'. Work has been full-on recently, and that has meant little time, and more to the point little energy to carry on with this hobby I love so much.

Today I finally dusted off my tool kit, and begun on my next custom, a day off, hurrah! It'll probably take me a while to complete it, but complete it I will, although the most complicated bit about this one is sculpting the head to the right shape.

The figurine I started today is the 3rd member of The Ani-Men to add to my DD collection...

He's the one in green, then i'll finish off the four-some with Cat-Man.