Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hussar (Imperial Guard)

It was my day off today, my wife has gone Christmas shopping with her mum, and the kids are at school... House to myself, so what's a guy to do? Put my music on, as loud as I want, and finish off the fourth member of the Imperial Guard, Hussar.

This is the first female member of the team I've done, and yet again what started out as a simple job, turned out to be a little bit more of a challenge than I first imagined. I used a She Hulk figurine for my base, which meant trimming back the hair, and footwear, and adding Milliput to the various parts of her body for the hair, man she's hairy. Finally adding a whip!


Here are the four members of the Imperial Guard I've completed so far, Starbolt, Smasher, Hussar & Impulse.

Next up is Titan, which I'm hoping to start on tonight.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Starbolt (Imperial Guard)

No work for me today, so a perfect chance for me to finish off another of the Imperial Guard.
I used a Dormammu figurine for my base, which is an obvious choice, and involved some good old application of Milliput to make the flames look a little bit more... well... flamey! The Dormammu figurine's head needed to have more impact, the flames sit behind the head, and I wanted Starbolt's head to be encased in flame, without losing it's shape. Lots of various shades of orange, yellow and red to get the flame effect, and black for the detail on the face, and muscles.


Here's all three members of The Imperial Guard so far, Smasher, Starbolt & Impulse.

I've started the next member of the team, Hussar, she's at the Milliput stage, so hopefully i'll get chance to put some paint on her later this week.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Impulse (Imperial Guard)

Here's member number 2 of The Imperial Guard, Impulse. He's the Cyclops of the team, sort of... most artists draw him shooting a wide beam from his visor type thing, but there are also images of him shooting energy from his hands, hence the stance I've chosen for him.

The biggest problem was the costume, what colour to do it? He started off with a purple/cerise number, he's also had a red/white costume and in War of Kings it was a very light pink n' red one. Which ever way you look at his costume, it's not the most practical, or manly of colours. I went for a War of Kings one, which is close to his original costume

I used a Vision figurine as my base, as already mentioned I liked the stance and build. A cyclops would have been a good one to go for, but with him being a one time adversary of Cyclops/X-Men, I didn't want one with an identical pose.


Here's a pic of Impulse and Smasher.

I've already started on the next one, and it's already at the about to paint stage. Here's a sneak-peek of how far I've got with Starbolt.

I've also begun work on Hussar, but she's still at the Milliput stage, but she should follow Starbolt pretty quickly.