Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Titan (Imperial Guard)

I started this one quite sometime ago, even before I started Electron, but the oval belt, leg and wrist bits proved to be quite tricky, not to mention the hair. The hair maybe shouldn't be mentioned, because it is a bad 80's hair-do!

I wanted a figurine which was bigger than the others, with him being the big-guy of the team, but not too big as to look odd. I went with Colossus, because the size, and build of the figure was in proportion to what I had in mind. I must say I didn't realise how ugly the face was on the Colossus figurine until I had to paint him, that's one mean looking face!

So here's the finished piece...


Here's all six of the Imperial Guard I've done so far.

This is probably the last one I get completed this year, but I have just begun on the next one, which is Neutron, more fiddly oval wrist bands, which means i'll more than likely get one of the other members of the Imperial Guard finished first. I have the base figurine for Manta, so she'll probably appear on here before Neutron.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Electron (Imperial Guard)

I'm on a roll now, this is Imperial Guard member number 5, which takes me to the half-way stage. I plan on doing 10 members in total, and all bar two of them I have the base figurines for.

December is usually a quiet month for me with customs, work tends to take up a lot of my time this time of year, but this year I've put aside some valuable time to finish off a few more of The Imperial Guard before tucking in to some Christmas turkey and some mince pies.

So here we have Electron.

I did start on Titan before Electron, but Titan has proved to be a little bit more detailed than Electron, hence Electron being finished first. I used a Captain Marvel figurine as my base figure.

Next up is Titan! I intend to finish him first before starting on the next one, and hopefully i'll finish him before the end of the year. Not many days off of work left between now and Christmas day, so time will be limited, hopefully i'll have him done before the end of the year.