Monday, 30 January 2012

Troublesome Paint

Today I decided I would paint the Neutron figurine, which should be quite an easy paint job, or so I thought. The last figurine I painted was Manta, which I had to paint twice because on the first attempt the white paint was very uneven, which was picked up on camera.

Today I used a different colour paint, yellow, and the same thing has happened again. There's got to be a perfectly good reason why my paints are starting to give a really rough texture.

My paints, I keep outside, which is very, very cold at the moment, so can the cold effect the paint? because they do seem very thick, and quite gloopy. Also a lot of the paints I have are quite old, so the 'gloopy' texture maybe because it's about time I put my hand in my pocket and bought some new ones.

So any of you other customiser's out there have any advice or tips, please let me know. The paint's I'm having problems with are Games Workshop Citadel paints.

Here's a picture of Neutron in his early stage, so you can see what I mean about the texture.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Manta (Imperial Guard)

As mentioned in the blog with pictures of Titan, I said I'm working on Neutron, but would probably have another member of the Imperial Guard finished before him because of the amount of detail involved with him. This proved to be the case, and I managed to get Manta finished first.

I used a Moondragon figurine as my base, bald head & cape seemed the perfect one to choose. Once you got rid of her ears, and neck piece on the cape, applied some Milliput, hey presto, one Manta.


For those of you that saw the first photo's of Manta I posted on here, this is the new improved ones, without the lumps, n bumps, and bad texture. I had to sand down all the white parts of her costume, then repaint the white bits again, plus some black. The lesson to be learnt here is, don't rush!

Here's all seven Imperial Guard Members so far.

I should buy a Gladiator figurine by Eaglemoss to display with them.

Next up is.... nope, not Neutron... although I have finished sculpting him, and applied the primer, which means I only now need to paint him. I'm also at the same stage with my competition entry on Superhero Figurine Forum, just need to paint it. Neutron will be the next one to appear on here, and once the competition has finished it will appear on here as well.

Once neutron's finally done, the next member of the Imperial Guard I'm doing is Flashfire, followed by Fang. I might call it a day with the Imperial Guard after those two. I would like to do Astra, and Nightside, but I want to use some DC figurines for the base figures which are going for silly money on eBay, so are proving a little difficult to get at a reasonable price.