Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fang (Imperial Guard)

My original target was to do 10 Imperial Guard members, and this one reaches that magical mark. When I began this journey, 10 figurines seemed a lifetime away, but I did it, and I've learned quite a bit since day one, on techniques to use etc.

This one took a bit longer than the previous one, Flashfire. It involved quite a bit of cutting away part of the base figurine, plus tricky sculpting of the Milliput to get the hair and beard looking right. Like most characters it depends on the artist drawing them to how they look. I'm not talking about costume changes, but the size of a character can change, depending on the artists impression.

With Fang I wanted him to look feral, but not too bulky, slim, but with clear muscle definition. I chose Morbius, which is one of the smaller figurines released, but ideal for this custom, especially with the fangs, stance, and clawed hands. The whole figure shouts Grrrrr, and if any character should growl, it's Fang.


Here's a picture of all 10 members of the Imperial Guard.

So now it's dilemma time! I quoted in a previous post that I would extend the group to 12 by adding two more female characters, but I'm having a problem picking up base figurines at a reasonable price. All of these Imperial Guard figurines I tend to put up for sale on eBay, which has always been the intention from day 1. The problem I have is, do I keep hold of them until I do get hold of the next two, or do I sell them now, and do the other two but lose the opportunity to have the twelve together in one photo? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Anyway, as it stands I no longer have any more Imperial Guard members to do at the moment, which means I can finish off the original Wonder Man I started recently, plus I have a week off of work next week, so I intend to do those two figurines for my own collection.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Ms. Marvel (Original Costume)

This was my entry for the recent 'Superhero Figurine Forum' competition. Alas I didn't fare too well, with only a couple of votes, but the competition was fierce, and great entries by other customisers. What did I learn from my entry? Firstly don't rush to try and get it finished early, and secondly don't submit photo's that are too big, the unrelenting camera tends to show up any lumps, n' bumps that are not noticeable in hand. I'm happy with it.

The competition was for an existing figurine, to be portrayed in their original costume, or so I thought, which it was, but what I didn't realise you could pick any character, and customise them in the costume they first appeared in.
I chose Ms. Marvel and used the existing Ms. Marvel as a base, which is what I thought you had to do for this competition.

Ms. Marvel

It made a refreshing change to do a character that wasn't a member of the Imperial Guard, which I shall now return to. I've almost finished sculpting Fang, and hopefully tomorrow I can begin painting him, so if all goes well with my day off tomorrow, I might get him finished.

I've also started on my next endeavor, which is Marvel heroes in their original costumes, obviously the idea came from the competition. 1st up is Wonder Man, which shouldn't take too long, a bit more Milliput, and hopefully i'll have him done by the end of the week.

Once he's done I'm going to do a couple for my Daredevil collection, Bengal and Death Stalker. I'm still trying to get hold of a couple of Elektra Sai's for Bengal... hmmm... may have to buy an Elektra figurine for the sai's alone, I'm sure I can find a use for the figurine, maybe a good base for Astra?

This Ms. Marvel figurine is now for sale on eBay.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Flashfire (Imperial Guard)

This was one of the quickest figurines I've done, three days in all, and I'm pleased with the finished piece. Only a minimal amount of work needed to sand down the belt, and then it was a case of applying a thin layer of Milliput over the waist area and Milliput on the head. 24 hours later, once the Milliput had set, I sculpted the hair and smoothed the waist into the correct shape. Then finally the fun bit, painting the figurine.
I used Iceman as my base figurine, once again the stance, and the way he held his forward hand, looking like he was about to send out a bolt of electricity, plus the build of the character was just right for Flashfire.


All nine Imperial Guard members so far...

Next up is Fang, who won't be done as quickly. Even though he has a basic costume which will be easy to paint, the costume has a ring of teeth around the neck, and waist, which will be tricky. Then there's the hair, and ears which will involve some precise sculpting, but I like a challenge, and the more of these I do, the more techniques I learn.

I've also decided to do another two members of the Imperial Guard, Astra, and Nightside, which will increase the team to twelve members, but these may appear on here after I've done a couple of DD villains for my own collection, because I've still to track down base figurines, at a reasonable price

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Neutron (Imperial Guard)

Ta-Daa - Fanfare!

At long last, after many hiccups, gloopy paint, and a tricky Milliput sculpt, I've finally finished Neutron of the Imperial Guard. This is figurine number eight, of ten, possibly.
Once I'd sorted out the problems with the paint, thanks to advice from Forum members, and Blog members, I found the painting enjoyable, and a challenge with a difference. Normally when I'm painting flesh I start with a flesh coloured paint, use a darker colour for the shade, then some dry flesh coloured paint to blend, and soften, then a much lighter watered-down colour to add highlights. With Neutron I had to work in reverse, Chaos Black for the basic skin colour, then Fortress Grey applied to the raised parts of the body, such as muscles, cheek bones etc, then Chaos Black again in between the muscles, and deep area to give it depth. Finally Skull White for the detail like the little stars n' things.

I used Radioactive Man as my base, he has a good bulky muscle structure, which fits Neutron. I wanted a muscle-bound character that was bigger than normal, but not as big as Colossus, which I used for Titan.


When I originally set out to do The Imperial Guard, I planned on doing ten of them, and no more. The next two I'm going to do are Flashfire and Fang, which brings the total to the ten I intended to do. With these next two, it will mean I've done 8 men, and just 2 women, which means the team is a bit biased to the male side. So I'm considering extending the team by another two members, both female.

Here's a picture of all eight members of The Imperial Guard I've done so far.
Nightside, Astra, and Oracle are at the top of the female list of possibilities. The trouble is, when you start doing a team as big as this, you never know when to stop. I've got other members of The Imperial Guard I'd like to do, but I need to draw a line somewhere, and start adding more to my own collection. All these Imperial Guard figurines will be going up for auction once I've finished doing them.

So, next up is Flashfire, which shouldn't be too hard, a bit of work on the hair, and basically a paint job, Fang on the other hand is a bit more complicated.