Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Astra (Imperial Guard)

So here we have number 11 of the Imperial Guard, which means just one more to go... for now. It's been a while since I completed the last Imperial Guard member, and it was nice returning to them again. Astra was quite a challenge for various reasons, lots of lead to get rid of, and carve into shape, plus a fair bit of Milliput application.

I wanted a small female figurine for Astra, so I used Elektra, which has lots of hair, which I didn't want, but the figure was ideal for how I wanted her to look.


The end is nigh, again! So that's 11 members of the Imperial Guard done, one more to go, and that member is Nightside. I have the base figurine, and a couple of days off next week, so hopefully she'll be finished at the start of April.

Here's a couple of pictures of all 11...

At the start of this post I hinted at the possibility of doing some more members of the Imperial Guard. Yes, I intend to do more, but not yet, I want to add a few more to my own collection, a few Daredevil related, and even a couple of Captain Britain ones.

Here's a question for you all... Once Nightside is finished I intend to put all of the Imperial Guard up for sale on eBay. Now 12 figurines could possibly cost one winning bidder a fair old amount of money, and this could be quite daunting. I've been toying with several ways of lessening the pain in a potential wallet, but I'd like some feedback on what would be the fairest way. The options I've been thinking about are...

(I will be selling them individually, but will combine postage)

A) List 4 each week, which then allows the winning bidder the chance to only have to pay a smaller amount each week, instead of trying to find money for 12.

B) List one every night, for 12 nights.

C) List all 12 on the same night, then once the auction has finished, if the winning bidders have won all of them, or lots of them, work out some payment and postage options.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Wonder Man (Original Costume)

This custom was another one of those that I thought was going to be quite easy. On first look you think, hey it's a hero wearing green and red, which will involve a little bit of Milliput, and a paint job. This was not to be the case.

The 'W' on his chest was too small, his glasses were too small, his boots were wrong, his wrist-bands were way too small, and he has a helmet, shoulder bits, and a belt, not to mention the intricate design around his mid-section.

I had to coat the chest, and back in a thin layer of Milliput, just so I could form a larger 'W' on both. A thin layer of Milliput was also used across his mid-section, and then using a small sculpting chisel, cut line impressions into it, and also into the lead below. This then gives a sort of effect like the one in comic form.

Quite a few of the figurines released by Eaglemoss have chosen more modern costumes, which doesn't tie in to that 'Classic' tag. This custom of Wonder Man in his original costume is one of many I hope to re-do in their original costumes. I intend to do each one in the costume they first appeared in, or the most iconic costume, such as Iron Man, in his 80's red and yellow.

Wonder Man base figurine used, which is what I intend to do with each original costume custom, I will use the existing character.

Wonder Man (Original Costume)

Next up isn't Bengal, and Death-Stalker, as promised, it's a return to finish off the Imperial Guard, with Astra, followed by Nightside. Once these two are done I return to doing a couple for my own collection.