Sunday, 22 April 2012

3rd set of Imperial Guard now on sale on eBay

Well that's eight of the Imperial Guard sold, and now time for the final four members to appear on eBay. The four are Flashfire, Fang, Astra & Nightside.

Here's picture of the four of them...

All four have now been sold!


It's been a while since adding one to my own collection, so it was nice to return once more to my Daredevil characters.

Bengal's one of those characters that I've always wanted to do and proved to be a real challenge, especially when it came to painting the face. A lot of squinting and holding my hand steady was needed.

Not a huge amount of Milliput needed for this one, just used on the face, arms, legs and shoulders. When Bengal first appeared, his costume, drawn by Ron Lim, was slightly different to recent versions of him. Around his wrists and ankles the costumes was quite loose fitting, and the top part of his costume seemed to be a separate piece of material. Recent versions have turned the costume into pretty much a one piece thing.

I wanted to have Bengal in my collection wearing the costume he first wore when he appeared in Daredevil #258 in 1988.

For Bengal I used the Iron Fist figurine by Eaglemoss, which is an obvious choice, but everything about the figure was perfect to create Bengal. The Sai's I got from an Elektra figurine, pesky delicate things that they are. I broke one, and lost one trying to insert them into Bengals hands.


Next up for me is another Daredevil character, a villain this time, Death Stalker, which is going to be a real challenge, lots of Milliput sculpting involved. On top of this I have a couple of commissions, the first one I have the base figurine for, so hoping to begin on both of these next week.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Second 4 Imperial Guard Members Now On eBay

The 1st four Imperial Guard members are now gone, which means it's now time for the next four members. They are, Electron, Titan, Manta & Neutron. I've put them on a seven day listing this time.

As a reminder which four they are, here's a picture of each of them...


These figurines have now been sold!

Friday, 6 April 2012

First 4 Imperial Guard members now on eBay

Smasher, Impulse, Starbolt & Hussar are now up for sale on eBay. I am selling all 12 members of the Imperial Guard, but thought it might be a bit daunting to list all 12 at the same time. It could potentially cost someone a lot of money if they wanted the whole lot in one go. So I've decided to put them on a ten day listing, 4 at a time, with a weeks gap between each set of 4 up for auction.

Here's a picture of the 1st four as a reminder...

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Nightside (Imperial Guard)

October of 2011, I started on the Imperial Guard customs, first one being Smasher, six months later I have finally finished with the Imperial Guard. I originally planned on just ten, but increased them to twelve, after noticing a lack of female members.

The 12th member of the Imperial Guard I finished earlier on today, Nightside, which involved a fair amount of work to create the look. I had to cut away quite a lot of the existing cape at the front, and cut away, and shape the bottom of the cape to give the look of a horror type bat look, which is a trademark look for Nightside. To create the collar I used Milliput, which once it had hardened, I then carved into shape, yet again with a spiked horror.bat look. The awkward bit of this was carving the shape over to one side of her head, because for some reason her collar is always drawn to one side. I've left a fair bit of thickness to the collar, otherwise it would become way too fragile.

The hardest thing about creating this custom was the painting of her. On first inspection you would think it would be easy, but there are quite a few tricky details to paint on her body, such as the circles on her legs and arms. Painting circles are ok on a flat surface but try doing them on a small scale, on an uneven surface, not that easy. I used a Midnight Blue for the costume base colour, with Chaos Black for the shade, and a purple for the highlights, which then give it a slight dark purplish look to the costume.


I used a Emma Frost figurine by Eaglemoss for my base figure, with the cape and hair looking the best match for Nightside, shame about the goofy smile.


Here's a picture of all 12 of the Imperial Guard

I do intend to do more members of the Imperial Guard in the future, maybe in smaller groups of maybe fives, but for now I'm going to add a couple of Daredevil characters to my own collection, starting with Bengal, and then Death-Stalker.

So that's all 12 initial Imperial Guard members completed, which means I will now be listing them on eBay. I do like them, and I'm very pleased with the way they all turned out, but I have to be strict with my collection, and I know they will go to a good home.