Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Cyclops (80's Costume)

This custom was third on my list of current customs to finish, behind Oracle, and Death-Stalker, but once the tricky visor was done it was a simple paint job, and elevated it to finishing way before the others.

I chose to do, what I feel is Cyclops most iconic costume, the dark blue, and yellow, with the red belt, and thicker visor. With the belt I decided to go with the John Byrne version, wide, with a red 'X', instead of a yellow one. Different artists would change not only the belt, but the style of the boots. For me it had to be the costume worn by Cyclops in the 'Dark Phoenix Saga'.

I used the Eaglemoss Cyclops for the base, which involved some minor filing away of the raised lines, and Milliput added for the boots, belt and visor. The visor was incredibly tricky to do, but I didn't want to just paint the thin existing one gold, it wouldn't look right. The big chunky visor was also iconic of the 80's version.


Here's a picture of Cyclops and Nightcrawler, both in their 80's costumes.

Now I can concentrate on the Oracle commission, and the Death-Stalker for my DD collection.

I do have a couple of other commissions to do, but getting hold of base figurines for them isn't easy, it's amazing what price people will pay for a Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Figurine.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Captain Britain (New Excalibur) Mk2

Here's yet another one I've done before, for myself the first time round, this time a request from a Forum member. It's been quite some time since I did Captain Britain in his New Excalibur uniform  for myself, and comparing the two, this one is far better, I've learned quite a bit in how to do these customs over the past few years. The first time It was a sort of simple re-paint, with some lead removal. This time I gave him a Milliput belt, and boots, to add more depth.

I used the existing Captain Britain figurine for the base.

Captain Britain (New Excalibur)

I've made a start on Death Stalker for my DD collection, plus started doing a Cyclops in his 80's blue and yellow uniform, circa John Byrne era, and now I have another commission for Oracle from the Imperial Guard.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Super Sabre Mk2 (Freedom Force)

Here's one I've done before, some time ago when I first started customizing figurines. A fellow Blogger asked me to do one for him, and here's the result.

He first appeared in X-Men #215 as a part of a team called Freedom Force, along with the Crimson Commando and Stonewall. Freedom Force's ranks swelled to encompass the sort of reformed Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, led by Mystique.

I used an Impossible Man figurine for my base, it's just such an ideal shape, and size.

Super Sabre

Next up it's another commission, whilst hopefully starting on the Death-Stalker figure for my Daredevil collection.