Saturday, 23 June 2012

Oracle (Imperial Guard)

Here we have a return to the Imperial Guard with Oracle in her original guise, as created by Dave Cockrum in the X-Men comics.

Quite a tricky one to do, but fun all the same, with a fair bit of Milliput used to create boots, gloves, sash, and hair. The painting of this figurine was a challenge, especially on the face, trying to put shade into her albino features, not to mention putting a dot of colour for the eyes.

I used a Polaris figurine for my base, which had the right stance, plus the head piece. Polaris has a cape attached which once removed, also removes the head. I had to shorten the length of the neck, because the neck had been lengthened on the original to compensate for the cloak. Without the cloak she looked like her neck had been stretched.


Now I can finish off Death-Stalker, which is near completion on the sculpting front, just the collar to add tomorrow, then hopefully get him painted sometime next week.

I have a couple of requests from a fellow forum member to do next, Sage and Pixie, plus I'm also going to do Archangel in his costume as he first appeared in X-Factor.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Metal Ink now on Facebook

I've set up a facebook page! The reason behind this was to create somewhere for information on the customs that I'm doing, with more regular updates.

I intend to share photo's of work I'm in the middle of, plus insights into figurines I plan to do. Facebook reaches a wider audience than Blogger, and I'm more inclined to use on a more regular basis. At the moment I post photo's of a figurine once it has been completed, which means there are large gaps in between posts. Facebook allows me to post more regular updates, plus feature figurines produced by Eaglemoss.

I hope you'll join me on Facebook, by clicking 'Like', and hopefully we can turn this into a little community in my 'Metal Ink' corner of the world.

Here's a link to Metal Ink's Facebook page...