Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Death Stalker

An old Daredevil villain who first appeared in issue #39 of Daredevil in 1968 as a character called The Exterminator who recruited the Ani-Men for various crimes, but was defeated by Daredevil. The Exterminator was bombarded with rays from his own construct, which sent him, possibly into limbo. He returned at a later date to try and kill Daredevil, now calling himself Death Stalker.

Death Stalker was a must for my Daredevil collection, along with characters such as Mr. Hyde, and Stilt-Man, who, now Eaglemoss have decided to end the collection, I will do myself.

I decided to use a DC figurine this time, The Phantom Stranger, because the basic stance and appearance is very similar to Death Stalker. I had to remove the jacket, chains, and collar, then add extra parts to the cloak, plus a collar, a waist coat, and extend the height of the hat, and the brim also needed to be made larger. The painting of this figure was quite easy, with several different shades of blue used, and watered down black for the shading.

Death Stalker

Death Stalker faces off against Daredevil

Next up is a couple of customs for a fellow forum member, Sage & Pixie.