Saturday, 11 August 2012

Pixie (X-Men)

Pixie, first appeared in New X-Men: Academy X #5 in 2004. A pretty new character in the grand scheme of things, but a very popular one.

This Pixie custom was a request by a fellow forum member, after the sad news that the collection had ran it's course, and would end at number 200, which mean't characters such as Pixie would not be made.

There was only one figurine that had to be used as a base, and it could only be Blink. The Blink figurine was the perfect size, with Pixie being very young, and small, plus the pointed ears were a bonus.


This was one big challenge, the boots alone took quite some time to do, with six different layers needed to create the chunky look, plus gauntlets, belt, and hair length also needed sculpting with Milliput. Milliput's not the quickest to use, having to wait 24 hours between each application to harden, then carving, before repeating the process again, but I much prefer it to any other I've tried. The wings were a slight challenge, but mainly trying to get them to insert in the back of the figurine, and stay put. I super-glued my fingers several times trying to attach them. The wings were attached after the painting was done. The painting was fun, with the hardest thing to do being the eyes, with a lot of squinting, and a few swear words uttered. Painting in the eyes makes you realise just how small this figurine really is, but the end result was worth it.

Here's some photos of the process involved in reaching the end result...

All of the above photo's have appeared on my Facebook page. I tend to post progress pictures as soon as I do a bit on any figurine I'm working on. The link to my page is...

Here's a photo of Pixie next to Psylocke which gives you an idea of the size difference

Next up is another request by the same forum member, this time for Sage, which I've made a start on, and will post updates on Facebook as I progress. I'm also going to start on the Archangel figurine I keep promising to do, which will take a while, will do bits in between any requests.