Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sage (X-Men)

Sage is a mutant telepath with a computer-like mind capable of infinite recall. She has been a Hellfire Club Member, X-Man, member of Excalibur, and more recently an Exile. She was last seen as encased in crystal stasis in the Panoptichron.

Sage was quite a challenge, on first inspection you would think it was a simple piece to do, but alas that wasn't the case. Quite a bit of Milliput used creating belts, pouches wrist bands, ankle straps, and not forgetting the hair. She has a pretty iconic hair-style, with the hair at the front, ant the shape of the hair at the back, plus she has her ears on show.

I chose the Moondragon figurine for the base, specifically because it is the only figurine that has the ears on show.

I had to remove the cloak, smooth down the gloves, and reduce the size of the ears. Once i had a basic smooth character to work with I started with the hair, creating the back of the hair first before adding the trademark front locks. The it was a slow step-by-step case of adding each bit of Milliput for all the add-ons. The Moondragon figurine is possibly the worst one released by Eaglemoss, a poor sculpt, so the challenge was to take an ugly piece and turn it into an attractive one.

The base paint was quite easy to apply, and the detail was fun to add, especially the eye tattoo's. It was a fun piece to do, and quite a different challenge to the previous X-Man, Pixie.


Here's a picture of  Sage, with Pixie.

Next up is Victor Zsasz, or Mr. Zsasz as he's sometimes called, followed by a return to more Marvel characters, or more precisely X-Men characters.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Abin Sur (Green Lantern)

This is only the second DC custom I've done, the first one being the Batman villain Catman, which has had more views than any other custom I've done. They say size isn't every thing, but the DC figurines are larger than the Marvel ones, which means you get larger dimensions to paint on, which makes detail a little easier to apply.

I must admit, I quite enjoyed doing this one, not such a big challenge as Pixie, or the one I'm in the middle of doing at the moment. Once all the bits that you don't need have been removed, and Milliput applied it's the fun painting part.

I used Dr. Light for my base figurine. I didn't want to use an existing Green Lantern character, because having two figures the same together would look odd. I needed one that had ears, which Dr. Light has, plus the stance was right, I wanted a dramatic look.
The first thing I had to do was remove the cloak, which is never as easy as it looks. With the Dr. Light figurine you remove his cloak, and the head comes off as well, then you need to attach the head back on to the body with a bit of glue, and some Milliput. Like a lot of figurines that have cloaks the neck is very long so it's a case of filing the neck to the right length. The gloves needed smoothing flat, belt removal, and helmet smoothed down. Not forgetting the beard. Whilst smoothing away the bits you don't need, you have to be very careful not to slip and lose an ear, or a nose. Lead is great to work with, but quite fragile.

Once all the lumps n' bumps have been hidden, or filed down, it's a case of adding a ring. A GL without a ring... is a dead one... isn't he/she?

The basic colours on the costume are quite easy to apply, the chest logo is harder than it looks, when painting one so small, but not as hard as the logo on the ring. Yes, I've painted the logo, the size of a pin head on the ring. You can't really see it in these photo's, if I can work out the macro on my camera, i'll take a photo and post it on here.

Abin Sur

Next up is Sage... I keep saying that, but sage has had quite some detail to apply to her. She is now at the stage to begin painting, so it shouldn't be too long before she appears on this Blog. Once sage is done, it's another request, another Batman villain, Mr. Zsasz. Quite a challenge applying the tally cuts to such a small figurine. I've yet to decide if I'm going to do them in black, like in the comic, or a pink, to look like scars.