Friday, 30 November 2012

Archangel (X-Men)

Archangel made his print debut in X-Factor #24, in 1988. The original X-Man, Angel had his wings ruined by the Maurauders, Apocolypse offered to restore Angel's wings, but used the opportunity to transform Warren into one of his Four Horsemen: Death. In this form, Warren's skin turned blue and he was given razor-sharp metal wings.

This ones been on the go for quite some time, what with request by other collectors, and the odd one for my own collection. I wanted to keep the original Angel base figurine, but attach a different set of wings, like the ones used in early images of him.

Once the existing wings were removed, it was a simple case to remove the hair, halo from chest, and hide the costume lines with Milliput. The complicated bit was the wings, which I crafted from two bits of plastic, then added Milliput to the wing support to give depth, and bind the two bits of plastic together, plus curve the wings whilst the Milliput set. Once the Milliput hardened, it was sanded smooth, then sprayed silver.

Before attaching the wings I decided to paint the body, which was the fun bit, and quite tricky with all the detail. Used Ultramarine Blue for the base colour, and then applied Warlock Purple for the pink, but decided it was too dark, so changed it to Pink Horror, which is a truer colour. The face is a mixture of Ice Blue, Ultramarine Blue & Skull White.

The devils in the detail as they say, and originally I added shade to the wings, which just didn't work, so used Mithril Silver to hide the shading, which in turn created it's own shade. The Mithril Silver is a different silver to the original spray used. Adding shade to the face was a challenge, without ruining the detail of the costume on the head, but not as much as trying to put in eyeballs, and paint some pesky yellow eyebrows on.


I've made a start on the next custom, which is Lady Deadpool, which could take a while, with all the  detail. I will also be starting on Surge, whilst doing Lady Deadpool, which will probably be finished first, not as much detail.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Marrow (X-Men)

Marrow is a mutant who controls her bone growth providing her with armor, clubs and knives. As a child, she was taken in by the Morlocks where she would form the terrorist group Gene Nation before joining X-Men. She left the team for unknown reasons and worked for Shield.

Marrow proved to be quite a challenge, a lot of detail to put on, all the bones n' bits n' bobs. I chose a DC figurine for the base, Vixen. The picture below was the image I had in my head for Marrow, with the bone held in front of her left shoulder, plus the short hair.

Simple, or so you would think, I certainly did. What I didn't notice was that the Vixen figurine had high heels, which Marrow doesn't have, plus the ears are hidden by Vixen's hair, and Marrow's ears are on show. Once I had removed the heels, I tried to make the feet sit flat, unsuccessfully, and ended up having to amputate at the ankles, and then graft onto a set of Elektra feet. Elektras's feet are really tiny, so I had to enlarge them with some Milliput. With the ears I had to shave the lead from the sides of her head, then sculpt ears out of Milliput, and then sculpt new hair onto the existing hair. Phew!

Next I had to remove all the bits from the costume I didn't need, belt, necklace, and collar. Then it was time to start adding Milliput, Boots, Knee pads, gloves, bones under her chest, adding biceps, a spine, plus the costume bits around the neck, hips and shoulders.

Next it was the bone weapon in her hand, and the bones sticking out of her back. The weapon was made from Milliput, then positioned against the palm of the hand, and the fingers bent, carefully, around it.

In the above photo you can see all the Milliput applied, plus the six holes drilled where the bones will be placed in her back. The bones in her back were created using wire coated in Milliput, carved into shape, then super-glued into the holes, with a small ring of Milliput applied around each hole.

This is the figurine with the white base paint applied, using a white spray, plus the bones applied to the back.

Base colours used were Ultramarines Blue, Snot Green, Sunshine Yellow, Elf Flesh, Warlock Purple for the hair, and Zandri Dust for the bones. Then it was various colours to create shade, and light.


Next up is Lady Deadpool, which could take a while, because of the amount of detail involved with creating her. I am also in the middle of Archangle in his original blue n' pink costume, with metal wings, which will probably be finished first.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Greg Willis was a normal teenager until a mysterious accident changed his life forever. Now known as the hero Gravity, Willis sets out to make his impact on the Marvel Universe.

Gravity, a young super hero who first appeared in 2005, he's died, been reborn, fought Galactus, and been a part of The Initiative. It was believed he was created to be the new Captain Marvel, but that didn't happen.

I wanted a slim character for the base figurine, with Gravity being a youngster, with a small build, so I went for Captain Marvel.
The build was perfect, and the stance was one which Gravity, sort of mimics in the comics, and this was before I knew his connection to cosmic type heroes.

To create the sculpt I had to create trousers, add knee pads, pads to the back of the hands, a belt, goggles, and create a head cover, to disguise the hair on the CM figurine. The figurine is quite a small one, which mean't all the add on bits, belts etc, had to be quite small, otherwise it would look a little odd. The toughest part of the sculpt was the goggles, trying to create the right shape, on a small scale, plus still have a 3D effect.

The paint job wasn't too bad, with base colours of Ultramarine Blue, and Skull White. Lots of other colours used to create the shades, and tones, here's a picture of the amount of different paints used.


Next up is the X-Character, Marrow! She's almost good to go, just a little bit to do with the sculpting of the bones in her back, so it won't be long before I post photo's of her on here.

Once Marrow's finished it's Lady Deadpool.