Saturday, 14 December 2013

Crimson Crusader (ClanDestine)

Rory Destine is a child of Adam Destine and a Djinn. He has the power to increase or decrease gravity. He can only use his powers when he's around his sister Imp. Him and his sister are twins and the youngest addition the ClanDestine. He is raised by his older brother Walter, which whom he thought was his uncle. Rory seems to be excited about his powers and likes to use them. He really wants to be a superhero, even going as far as to New York to meet heroes. His power is great enough to pick himself and his sister in flight. And also strong enough to take himself and his sister in a car across the Pacific Ocean. But he was drained when they got across the Pacific Ocean. Just like his sister their powers stem off of each others. so if he used a lot she would be drained and vice versa.

Crimson Crusader was created by Alan Davis, and first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #158 in 1994.

For the base figurine I wanted a pretty small figure, one that would look similar in size to the Imp figurine I did sometime ago. I chose Iron Fist, it had the perfect body mass, and stance, plus it was the perfect mirror image of the Imp figurine.

Quite a simple sculpt to do, once the I'd removed the bits I didn't need from the Iron Fist figurine, collar, head band, belt, with sash. I then used Milliput to hide any costume lines. I started the costume sculpt first by creating the belt, then the front of the cape, followed by his trademark hair, which I built in several layers. I then added the 'C' to the front of the cloak, followed by building the cloak itself.
A very simple paint job, with several shades of red for the costume, several oranges for the hair, and the usual Elf Flesh for the skin.

Crimson Crusader

The following photo's are of the basic stages used in applying the paint effects on Crimson Crusader, showing all four sides.

Here's some photo's of Crimson Crusader, with his sister Imp, and older brother Wallop.

*Click on each photo to see a larger version of each of the images.

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information on Crimson Crusader.

Sunday, 8 December 2013


Chamber is a mutant with psionic energy emitting from his chest. He lost his powers on M-Day, was kidnapped by a cult of Apocalypse and transformed into Decibel. Now he's a teacher at Jean Grey School for Higher Learning after regaining his original powers following the events of Age of X.

Chamber (Jonothon Evan Starsmore) discovered his powers when a blast of psionic energy that burst from his torso destroyed much of his chest and face and crippled his girlfriend, Gayle Edgerton. As a result the wound has been replaced by a constant glow of psionic fire. Unable to speak Chamber can only communicate telepathically; he does not eat, drink or breathe. He also has no organs. Much speculation has been made about Chamber's powers. Some say he may even be the most powerful mutant on Earth.

Chamber was created by Chris Bachalo and Scott Lobdel. He first appeared in X-Men Ashcan #1 Promo (1994).

The base figurine I chose for Chamber was Madrox: The Multiple Man, a figurine many costomisers use, because of the open coat, and it suited my design perfectly.
For the preparation I had to remove the 'X' from the belt, and then carve a hole in to his chest to accommodate the fire. I then rebuilt the belt, with new belt buckle, and created a exploded cloth look around the hole in the chest.
The fire itself was quite tricky, trying to get the right look, but I managed to create the look in several stages, building up from the outside in, with Milliput, which I twisted, and flattened each bit of Milliput to resemble flames, then join each one together to look continuous.
The final part of the sculpt was the hair. He's had several different hairstyles, most in a messy style, but the version I wanted, was the one at the start of this post, which involved thin strands of Milliput layered on top of his head.
The paint application for the most part was quite simple, with black being the favoured colour, and yellow 'X's' added to the sleeves. The flames were again built from within, first I painted then a lemon yellow, applied white to the inner parts of the flame, then built up towards each flame tip with darker shades of yellow, and orange, then some white detail on top.

The following photo's are of the basic stages used in applying the paint effects on Chamber, showing all four sides.

*Click on each photo to see a larger version of each of the images.

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information on Chamber.

The Destroyer

The Destroyer is a mystical construct created by Odin to battle the Fourth Host of Celestials. It has mainly appeared as an enemy of Thor. The Destroyer is used by Thor's arch-foe Loki on several occasions, and each time has actually come close to killing Thor.

The Destroyer was originally created by Odin as the choice weapon to be used against the Fourth Host of Celestials. The giant construct is made out of a material enchanted by Odin to be even mightier than Uru. The various pantheons of Earth had previously met with the Third Host, and knew that their next arrival would be to proclaim judgment on the planet. It was magically endowed with invulnerability, and the most powerful gods of Earth (Odin, Zeus, and their peers) poured part of their powers into the armor to give it titanic strength, incredible invulnerability and potent energy blasts. The Destroyer was sealed away on a plateau in Asia in the Temple of Darkness, a temple Odin built himself, the Destroyer would be stored until the time of its purpose. Of course naturally Loki would manage to find out about the powerful artifact and scheme to find ways to use it against Thor.

The Asgardian Destroyer is a Marvel comics character and was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. The Destroyer suit first appeared in Journey Into Mystery #118 released in 1965.

The Destroyer is a large character in the Marvel Universe, so only a special sized base figurine would do, and Colossus was the perfect choice.

I started the preparation by removing the wrist bands, belt, and boot tops. Next I covered the non-metallic parts of the body in a layer of Milliput, once this had set, I smoothed to the correct shape, then carved armour lines in to the Milliput matching the existing lines on the body. The very next stage was to add the raised areas along both arms and the sides of both legs. The face-plate came next, followed by the head.

I drilled three holes per section of armour plate along the arms, and legs, with the central holes for the spikes. The spikes were made from the tips of drawing pins, and this took quite some time to insert each in to each drilled hole. The final piece to add was the head plate, which I made from a piece of plastic, cut to shape, then pinned to the head.

I used 'Chainmail' Citadel paint for the paint, and decided not to add any shade, he works far better using natural light to highlight the detail.

The Destroyer

The following photo's are of the basic stages used in applying the paint effects on The Destroyer, showing all four sides.

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*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information on The Destroyer.

Saturday, 7 December 2013


Hellion is a powerful mutant telekinetic. He was a student at the Xavier Institute, leader of the Hellions squad and Emma Frost's prize pupil. Hellion lost his hands during Second Coming, received cybernetic replacements, and is currently enrolled at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

Julian Keller is the son of billionaires William and Elizabeth Keller. He has an older brother, James Keller. His abilities of telekinesis developed during puberty. While his parents did not reject him for being a mutant, they did not want him to advertise his difference to the world. Julian refused to comply, believing himself to be superior because of these powers; and eventually, he was sent to the Xavier Institute in the hopes that he would learn to be more discrete. On first arrival, he was assigned Northstar as his mentor, but this soon changed.

Hellion was created by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir. He first appeared in New Mutants #2 (2003).
The brief I was given for Hellion was for him to have his red costume. The red costume does come with a jacket, and gloves. The Mr. Terrific figurine from DC was the perfect fit, jacket and all.
Quite a simple sculpt on this one, I smoothed away the writing on the sleeves, and rear of the jacket, then hid the costume lines with a thin layer of Milliput. I then crafted hair for his head, and padded shoulder pads for the jacket.


The following photo's are of the basic stages used in applying the paint effects on Hellion, showing all four sides.

*Click on each photo to see a larger version of each of the images.

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information on Hellion.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Emperor Vulcan

The forgotten third Summers brother, he was raised by the Shi'ar as a slave after the murder of his mother and later became a tyrannical emperor. He is an Omega-level mutant with the ability to manipulate all known forms of energy.

When the parents of Scott and Alex Summers were kidnapped by the alien race, Shi'ar, it appears that Katherine Summers was pregnant. The unborn child was seemingly killed along with Katherine by D'Ken, the Majestor of the Shi'ar Empire. The child survived however, and was aged to adolescence in an incubation accelerator and subsequently enslaved. Gabriel was sent to Earth to serve a Shi'ar agent named Davan Shakari (who would later use the guise of Erik The Red). Gabriel managed to escape and was found by geneticist Moira MacTaggert., and she invited him to join a group of young mutants that were under her tutelage. He accepted and took the name Vulcan. Professor X recognized Vulcan's relationship with Cyclops, and reunited the brothers.

Vulcan was created by Ed Brubaker and Trevor Hairsine. Vulcan made his first comic book appearance in X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1 (2006).

Vulcan in his Emperor guise is quite a commanding figure, so I wanted a figurine which showed the strength of the character, and needed to have a serious look about it. The Captain Marvel figurine was the perfevt choice, plus there's the identical hair style, which had Vulcan written all over it.

This was quite a complicated figurine to sculpt. I had to build the armour in various stages, applying layers of Milliput to create the right look. I started with the boots, which had five various stages, next was the gauntlets, which had two stages. Next up was the torso, then the lower chest plate, then the chest plate, which had two stages itself. Shoulder pads next followed by the cloak at the shoulder. To create the cloak I used a cloak from a 'Hellstrom' figurine I'd used before, joined it using Milliput to the cloak bits I'd already created. The final part was to add the cloak clasps.

Applying the paint wasn't too much of a problem, with basic blues, reds, flesh, and gold used. I used a brown paint to highlight the joints in the armour, then dry-brushed gold on top to blend it in.

Emperor Vulcan

The following photo's are of the basic stages used to create Vulcan.

*Click on each photo to see a larger version of each of the images.

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information on Vulcan.

Monday, 25 November 2013

M (Monet St. Croix)

Monet St. Croix, also simply known as M, is a former member of Generation X and is currently involved with X-Factor Investigations.

Monet St. Croix, the second born and most favored child of the wealthy ambassador, Cartier St. Croix, she was raised along with her siblings in a lavish lifestyle in Monaco, where they each grew accustomed to the finer things that money could buy. Like Monet, her three siblings all developed mutant abilities. However, the mutant power of her only bother, Marius, manifested into something like that of a vampire, causing him to feed on the bone marrow of other mutants. With his own mother as his first victim, Marius St. Croix turned to dark magic and took on the name Emplate. After an inter-dimensional expedition birthed a desire to rule, knowing Monet had impressive mutant powers of her own, the deformed and monstrous Marius offered to share his new power with Monet so that they could rule all realities together. Self-involved as any teenager could be, Monet laughed at her brother’s hideous new form and his ludicrous offer. Outraged and filled with jealousy of Monet, he trapped her in the red skinned, mute body named Penance.

Monet has one of the most difficult creations since her earlier appearances turned out to be actually her Twin Sisters whom morphed themselves to look like her. This version of Monet was created by Scott Lobdell and Joe Madureira and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #316. The real Monet was trapped in the body of Penance (or Hollow), whom was created by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo and first appeared in Generation X Issue 1. Monet is finally freed from the Penance form in Generation X Issue 40, making that the first time the real Monet is actually seen as Monet outside her Penance appearance.

For the base figurine I decided to use a DC figure, that of Donna Troy. She has the perfect stance, hair, and body shape for Monet.
Quite a basic figurine to do compared to recent ones I've done, but sometimes the simple ones are the most striking. Very little prep' involved, just had to smooth the belt buckle away, neck collar and then hide the arm bands, and wrist bands. Using Milliput I added the twin belts, tops of her boots, and glove edges.
The paint application itself was quite simple with Chaos Black, and Skull White used for the main, and Blood Red for the piping. For the skin I used Dwarf Flesh instead of the usual Elf Flesh, with her having a slightly darker skin colour than usual.
M (Monet St. Croix)

The following photo's are of the basic stages used in applying the paint effects on M (Monet), showing all four sides.

*Click on each photo to see a larger version of each of the images.

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information for M (Monet St. Croix).

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Archangel (#3)

A very quick post... Here's one I finished earlier today, a very popular X-Character, and one I've done twice before.


I've not produced my usual host of photograph's depicting various stages of creation, plus different angles showing the finished figurine, with the used descriptive text because the same process was used to create him, as was used the last time I did him. If you want to know the how, check the earlier post, I posted in July...