Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mr. Fear Mk2

There have been many that have gone by the name Mr. Fear. Zoltan Drago was the first to use the name Mr. Fear. He was later killed by Starr Saxon. Next was Starr Saxon who took the mantle. Saxon died in a battle with Daredevil, but his mind is what Machinesmith is based on.

This is another custom I've done previously, the ever popular Mr. Fear. Mr. Fear was one of those characters that many collectors of the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection were hoping would make the grade and be added to the collection. A great character to display along-side Daredevil and The Owl, both villains DD faced in his very early days. But alas the collection was cancelled, and he never saw the light of day.

I once again used a Moon knight figurine for the base, with it's over-sized cloak and perfect cowl, making it a better choice than using the Taskmaster, which already has a skull-face.

Slight tweaks to this one compared to the earlier Mr. Fear custom I did, I made the cloak have more of a flow, made the belt smaller, and repositioned the discs by his neck.

Mr. Fear MkII

Next up is the start of four customs, which I will work on at the same time. With the prep' on any figurine you can work on several at a time, adding Milliput, waiting it to set allows you the freedom to concentrate on several pieces. Once you reach the paint application stage, it then turns into a solitary concentration, I like to paint one figurine at a time, from start to finish.

The next four customs are ones I've not done before, and all are quite challenging, they are Protector, Baron Mordo, Vanguard, and Scarlet Centurion.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Catman Mk2

A renowned hunter turned bumbling villain, Thomas Blake lived with a lion pride in the wild to rediscover himself. Now more deadly and resourceful, Catman has become one of the world's premier hunters and trackers.

Here's one I've done before, the Batman villain, and popular member of 'The Secret Six, Catman. He's been done many times as a custom, and most prefer to adapt the Batman figurine by Eaglemoss and give him a simple paint job, which is fine, because they are very similar in their appearance.

When I do a custom I take in to account where the figurine I'm doing could possibly be displayed, or more precisely what grouping it will have and who he, or she could stand next to. If you put a repainted Batman in the same grouping as Batman, the figurine will look like a Batman in a different costume. So I always try and choose one that isn't the same as any other in it's group. If it's a X-Man, I will try and use a non X-man figure for the base, so each character will then look like an original in it's own group.

I once again chose the Yellowjacket Marvel figurine by Eaglemoss. It has a dramatic stance, and the bosy shape is ideal.

I slightly changed this one from the last Catman I did, by adding the shoulder straps which were omitted last time, painting the belt buckle in a metallic colour, and making the cloak a little more ragged, which seems to be the case in a lot of art I've seen of him.

Catman MkII

Next up is Mr. Fear, which is good to go for the paint application, so hopefully will appear on here soon.