Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Protector (Noh-Varr)

Noh-Varr was the youngest member of a Kree Diplomatic team who were blown out of the sky after reaching Earth. Only Noh-Varr survived and vowed vengeance on all mankind. He was later tasked with protecting them in the name of the Kree becoming Captain Marvel and later The Protector.

Here we have a new one for me, and by way of a change it's not a X-Character, The Protector, Noh-Varr. I used the Iceman figurine by Eaglemoss as my base, once again the body shape, muscle tone and stance seemed the perfect one to use. The Protector is quite slim of build, so didn't want to use a large heavily muscled figurine.
I used Milliput to add all the add-ons, gauntlets, gun holster, circles on chest, belt and arms, and the eye glasses. The hardest thing to get right was the smallest part of the sculpt, which was on the head. There are three lines that run down the center of his head, the middle one is quite thick but the ones either side are very small, almost a slight rise in height.
The Protector

I'm in the middle of doing a Scarlet Centurion, but it will be a while before I finish this one, there's a lot of detail to add, plus I've started on a Vanguard custom. I also have the base figurines for another two, Devil Slayer, and Baron Mordo, all of these are requests.

I also intend to work on a Baron Blood for my own collection. My seven year old son pointed out that I don't do any for my own collection anymore, and he's not wrong, so I will do more for my collection, alongside the requests from other collectors.