Sunday, 9 June 2013

Baron Mordo

Baron Mordo is an accomplished Magic-user who was trained by the Ancient One. He was a long time foe of Dr. Strange.

Baron Mordo has almost all the same training as Doctor Strange, though he focuses his skills on magicks for personal gain. He was one of the potential Sorcerer Supremes when Doctor Strange passed on his mantle.

Baron Mordo has often worked with Dormammu in hopes of defeating Doctor Strange and the Ancient One. Mordo was once empowered by Dormammu far beyond Strange's power and so Strange brought the Ancient One to safety and searched for a way to defeat Mordo. Strange was lured into the Dark Dimension where Dormammu could finally fight him.  During the battle Mordo struck Strange from behind. This enraged Dormammu as it violated his sense of honor and he banished Mordo to another dimension. He has returned to the Earth Dimension many times only to be met with failure and be banished again by either Strange or Dormammu.

Baron Mordo was created by Stan Lee and Steve Dikto, and he first appeared in Strange Tales #111 in 1963.
Baron Mordo, a character whom many who collect 'The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection' feel should have been in the 200+ figurines released by Eaglemoss. He's a very iconic character with quite a few attributes that I had to take in to consideration when choosing the base figurine, such as the stance and the build, thn there's the costume which has it's very own, unique imagery.
I chose the Loki figurine for my base, mainly based on the following photo. Even though the body shape in the photo wasn't as toned as you usually see with Mordo, the stance was perfect.
Quite a bit to remove on the Loki figurine, which was made easier to work with than I thought it would be, with the cloak able to detach from the main body, allowing me to work on the body, to shave the bits off I didn't need, and also hide the costume lines with Milliput. With the cloak itself I also had to cut away a fair bit of the top of it, so it could sit correctly on Mordo's shoulders, otherwise once the cloak was attached to the body, it would make him look hunched. One thing this figurine needed to show off was the intricate pattern on the reverse of the cloak, but also seen from the front, which Loki's cloak swept around the figure perfectly.
There were quite a few stages involving Milliput to create the costume. the iconic black pointy shoulder piece which joins the cape to the costume, the receding hairline, changing the shape of the mouth, and the belt/loin/tabard area which I felt the light green design needed to be 3D, not just painted on, to give it more depth.
The paint application itself was quite basic to begin with, with basic greens, which you can see in the photo's below, but the devil is in the detail as they say. I had to add the shading to the costume, and cloak first, before adding the detail on top, such as the light green chest emblem, and the swirls on the cloak itself, which was then followed by the beard and everything else connected to the head area.
The biggest challenge was getting the swirls right on the cloak, which involved a very steady hand. I had to balance the hand holding the brush, make sure there wasn't too much paint on the brush, and also make sure I didn't press the brush down too hard, otherwise it could mean the lines becoming to thick.

Baron Mordo

These following photograph's are the various stages involved in creating the Baron Mordo figurine.

Next up is Devil Slayer, and hopefully, closely followed by one for my own collection, an enemy of Union Jack and Captain America, Baron Blood.

*If you click on any of the photo's you'll see a larger version each image.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Vanguard (Soviet Super Soldier)

Brother to first Darkstar and son of Presence. He is a powerful mutant with the ability to repel any force directed at him, be it electromagnetic, kinetic, or gravitational.

Vanguard, or Nicolai Krylenko was born in Minsk to Russian nuclear physicist Sergei Krylov who would later become known as the Presence. Nikolai Krylenko and his twin sister Laynia Petrovna also known as Darkstar were taken from birth by the Soviet government to be trained as soldiers after their mutant powers became apparent. They were trained through youth to serve as soldiers in the Soviet army, being rare examples of mutants not immediately culled, for their genetic differences. A part of their training involved working with the KGB (Committee for State Security) eventually joining the KGB affiliated Soviet Super-Soldiers, Vanguard and the team would  often come into conflict with many American superheroes under this capacity. The government later wanted the the Presence eliminated and sent his own children to murder him. This set them up to battle and confront Red Guardian. They later learned that the Presence was actually Sergei Krylov their father and turned against the Soviet regime. Vanguard and Darkstar became agents on their own, fighting against evil.

Vanguard is a Marvel comic books character, and was created by Bill Mantlo and Carmine Infantino and first appeared in Iron Man #109  released in April 1978.

Most of the Russian heroes are very Iconic, with strong symbolism, and with Vanguard I needed a figurine that would allow for the trademark hammer & sickle to be held, and for the cloak to hang correctly. The cloak itself I view as more a ceremonial cloak, which needed to hang, but flow outwards, unlike a more traditional cloak such as one worn by Superman. The obvious figurine to use was the Mar-vell one, the stance, and build making him perfect for Vanguard.

Quite a lot of sculpting went into this piece - hair, tunic, belt, wristbands, plus building the cloak from scratch, and not forgetting the hammer & sickle. The base paint application itself wasn't too bad to apply, but the application of the gold on the wristbands, belt, legs, and chest logo involved a lot of patience, squinting, and a very steady hand.


The next set of photo's are of the four stages of completion, from sculpting the figurine to the finished paint application.

The cool 'Classic Marvel Figurine Collection' mock magazine cover at the start of this post was created by a fellow forum member, plus the soon to be owner of this Vanguard figurine.

Next up is Baron Mordo. The sculpting is done, the primer has been applied, so I should get him painted this week, then I can continue with Baron Blood, and Devil Slayer, which I've already started.

*If you click on each photo, you will get to see a larger version of each image.