Thursday, 25 July 2013

Archangel (X-Men) MK2

A mutant and original member of the X-Men. Warren received his angelic wings at a tender age, as well as a unique healing factor in his blood. After being twisted into a weapon of Apocalypse, Warren became the cold Archangel.

This is the second time I've done Archangel, but this time the wings are different.

Archangels wings have developed and grown with each phase of his life since he first appeared in X-Factor #24 in 1988. The wings keep getting bigger, and bigger with each artists interpretation.

This version of Archangel is with what you could call his second phase, with the wings split in to three sections, two main wings with a third section that sits at the back of the other two parts of the wings.

Once again I used an Angel figurine for the base, for obvious reasons.

There's not too much work involved with preparing the figurine itself, with just the hair to smooth away, and costume lines to hide. I spent more time preparing the wings, which involved cutting the correct shape out of plastic, scoring the lines with a surgical scalpel, on both sides, then applying thin lines of Milliput to the top edge of each wing.

The painting of the figurine itself involves painting the blue of the costume first, including the shading, then overlaying the pink detail on top. The wings are simply sprayed silver, with the natural shade picked out by the grooves cut in to each wing.


The following photo's are of each various stage used in creating this Archangel figurine.

*Click on each photo to see a larger version of each image.

* Thank you to Blake Newman for the fantastic mock figurine collection mock cover used at the start of this post.

I'm now working on Mesmero, Diablo, and one for my Daredevil collection, White Tiger.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Baron Blood

Baron Blood is a vampire foe of the Invaders, especially Union Jack and Captain America.

John Falsworth sought to gain power through controlling Dracula, but instead was turned into a vampire. At his new master’s behest, he assisted the Germans in World Wars I and II, battling the Invaders.

Baron Blood fought the Invaders during World War II, then returned after the war to battle Captain America and Union Jack, until Cap destroyed him.

Some time later Dr. Strange's vampire brother, Victor Strange, was given a Baron Blood costume by Marie Laveau, and became the second Baron Blood. He first appeared in Doctor Strange #15. He tried to fight crime for a time, eventually changing his name to Khiron when he heard that the original Blood had returned, but eventually committed suicide, fearing his bloodlust would lead to him slaying innocents.

John Falsworth’s grandnephew, Kenneth Crichton, the son of Spitfire, became the third Baron Blood thanks to an affair with Blood’s protégé the Baroness. However, after using him to fight his friend Joseph Chapman, the modern day Union Jack, she betrayed Kenneth, leaving him to die in the sunlight. She subsequently gave birth to Kenneth’s vampire son.

When the vampire hunter Blade was tricked into completing a spell that resurrected all slain vampires, Kenneth was revived, and returned as one of Dracula's Generals when the vampire lord attempted to invade Britain; Crichton met his ultimate demise at the hands of Blade, who rejected Crichton's attempt to surrender.

Baron Blood was created by Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins in 1976 and first appeared in The Invaders # 7.
I used the Morbius figurine as a base for several reasons, the body shape, the stance, and with Morbius a vampire also, made it the perfect choice.
To begin with I had to remove the underarm wings, collar, and hair to create a smooth base to work on. I then began on the wing areas under each arm, applying a layer of Milliput, smoothing flat, then attaching the lines to create the depth, and detail on the wings. Next up was adding the trademark bat ears, with the collar to finish off. There have been various different versions of Baron Blood's costume, especially when it came to the collar. I decided to go with the traditional high collar, which Bowen Designs also used, it's a vampire thing!

Baron Blood

The following photographs are the various stages involved in creating the Baron Blood figurine.

*Click on each photo to see a larger version of each image.

Next up is Mesmero, and Archangel, plus another one for my own collection.

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


A former soldier whom came into possesion of a cape which made him Devil-Slayer, the demon hunter. Devil-Slayer served with the Defenders, and more recently, the Hawaiian Initiative team The Point Men and Wonder Man's anti-Avengers team.

Raised by a drunken father and a quiet mother, Payne demonstrated a sixth sense early in life. He derived great hope from his religious beliefs, but this dwindled with age as he filled his time with books, violence, petty crimes, and girls. Payne joined the Marines alongside his best friend Brian Kingston, married his lover Cory, and lived in Brooklyn.

Serving in a military action in southeast Asia, Payne was forced to make terrible choices, follow questionable orders, commit artrocities, and watch children and innocents die, though he once tried to have his fellow marine McCloskey court-martialed for razing an innocent village. Payne returned home un-welcomed, he and Cory grew apart, she divorced him for another man, and he sank into alcoholism. Desperate for work, Payne begged California mobster Carlo Boccino for a job, becoming his hitman.

Developing a strong reputation over the next year, Payne told himself it was okay to kill criminals. Eventually, he was unwittingly sent to bomb the car of reporter Ian Fate, instead slaying Fate's wife and child; upon learning the truth, Payne quit.

He was recruited by the hybrid demon-woman Vera Gemini and her Cult of the Harvesters of Eyes, serving as their Reaper of Souls and Agent of Death (assassin). The Cult honed Payne's psychic powers and gave him his Shadow-Cloak, but he quit upon learning that they wished to bring about Xenogenesis, restoring to prominence an ancient demon race that once ruled the Earth. Taking the name "Devil-Slayer," he dedicated himself to fighting demons.

Devil-Slayer first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #33 (1977).

There was only one choice of base figurine I wanted to use to create Devil-Slayer, and that was The Vision. Everything about this figure was right, apart from the outstretched arm.

To create the boots, gloves, and straps on the body itself, I had to remove the cloak first, which is quite easy to do, with the head and cloak area attached separately. First things first, I had to  remove the arm, then reposition it, with plenty of Milliput, to shape the repositioned muscle correctly. With the cloak, and head removed it made it easier to create the iconic boots, the gloves and the straps.

Once the cloak and head was reatached, I had to use some more Milliput on the edges of the cloak to create a fuller look than that on The Vision, then add a clasp to the cloak, which left the final piece, which was the sword. The image directly above was the image I worked towards creating, so the sword was pretty important. I had to bend The Visions hand, carefully, around the handle of the sword.

The paint application itself was quite tricky with so many hard to reach areas, but compared to the intricate detail I used on Baron Mordo's cloak last time, it was quite easy, just lots of tone, and shade.


Here's some photograph's of the step by step basic stages in creating Devil-Slayer...

* Click on each photo to see a larger version of each image.

Next up is Baron Blood, which I've already begun painting, then it's Mesmero, plus I've begun on another Archanagel.

*Check out my Facebook page for progress photo's I post of figurines I'm currently working on.

* Origin information gained from Comic Vine, many thanks!