Saturday, 31 August 2013


Green-skinned mutant with the power to mesmerize.

At first, Mesmero was a small crook. He would go to society parties and use his powers to make guests to give him all of their possesions and forget about them. Magneto found Mesmero and wanted him to make Polaris believe that she was the daughter of Magneto. Mesmero succeeded, but it was revealed by a Sentinel the Magneto that gave the orders to Mesmero was actually a robot. Mesmero attacked and hyponized the X-Men into believing that they were Circus performers. Beast freed the X-Men and stopped Mesmero. Mesmero then was rendered unconsious by Magneto. He was then stranded in South America.

Mesmero later went to England to make money legally as a Hypnotist. The Fenris twins found him and forced him to work for them. Mesmero hypnotised Excalibur into protecting him from Fenris. Shadowcat broke free of Mesmero's control over the team, and Excalibur defeated Fenris. Mesmero then traveled to New York City and he tried to hypnotise the city to do his bidding. He was stopped by Spider-Man. One time he tricked Dark Riders into thinking they threw him off a cliff. At one point he was captured an sent to a special prison. He hypnotised his way out, but Sentinels were sent after him. He panicked and took hostages. Alpha Flight came and defeated both the Sentinels and Mesmero.

First appeared in 1968 in X-Men issue # 49

This was another one of those characters where a certain image appealed to me in my choice of base figurine to use. The pose on the mock magazine cover at the start of this post was the inspiration, plus I found an image from a Spider-Man comic where he was also using his hands in a dramatic way. I used Cosmic Boy from the DC figurine collection, the stance, and body mass, perfect for Mesmero.

This custom took quite some time to complete, lots of layers to the costume. This is a request by a fellow collector of Marvel figurines, and there was a requirement for this Mesmero to have his kilt, whereas later versions removed it. The kilt was the starting point, and everything built up from this point, like so... 1-Kilt, 2-Belt, 3-Belt Buckle, 4-'M' on Belt Buckle, 5-rim around Belt Buckle, 6-Boots, 7-Gloves, 8-Straps under each arm, 9-Cape, 10-Lined Collar, 11-Lined front on headpiece, 12-rear of headpiece, 13-Front Rim of headpiece, 14-Neck Collar, and 15-Ovals on Neck Collar.

Once the sculpting was done it was two basic colour schemes - For the green I used 'Scorpion Green' for the base, 'Dark Angels Green' for the shade, 'Snot Green' to blend the ''Dark Angels Green' in, followed by 'Scorpion Green' to highlight muscle tone. I then mixed ''Scorpion Green, Sunburst Yellow, and Skull White', so I could dry-brush on top of the 'Scorpion Green' to lighten the skin tone slightly. For the Cerise colour I used 'Warlock Purple' for the base, 'Blue Ink' for the Shade, 'Liche Purple' to blend in the 'Blue Ink', with some more 'Warlock Purple' to highlight the costume. 'Skull White' used for the eyes, with 'Dark Angels Green' to line the eyes.


The following photo's are of the various stages used in applying the paint effects on Mesmero.

*Click on each photo to see a larger version of each of the images.

*Thanks to Blake Newman for the fantastic mock Mesmero cover at the start of this post.

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information for Mesmero.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Diablo is a 9th century alchemist with aspirations of world dominance. He is able to produce any number of amazing potions that defy scientific analysis. Diablo does not seem to age.

Diablo was born in Spain in the 9th century. He sold his soul to the demon Mephisto for a longer lifespan than a normal human. He then went to Transylvania and set up a secret base there but he soon was captured by the villagers and they buried him in a stone crypt.

The Fantastic Four had a holiday in Trannsylvania. A man named Baron Hugo told them about Diablo and the ancient cockpit which buried him. Diablo communicated with the Thing and offered him a deal. The deal was if the Thing would liberate Diablo from his imprisonment, he would give him the cure of his ugly form and to make the Thing human again. The Fantastic Four eventually had to battle Diablo and his legion of followers, who tried to take over the world, with the FF imprisoning Diablo once again in his crypt.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, he first appeared in 1964 in Fantastic Four issue # 30.

Sometimes the inspiration for my choice of base figurine is credited to one image, the image this time was the one above, the stance and build is very similar to the Electro figurine.

On first inspection you would think he would be a simple one to do, but this proved to be far from the case. The difficulty was had in creating the scarves, which hang from four separate areas of the torso. I used the image above for the head, I liked the original look of the horns, more-so than the Wolverine look in modern versions of him, but I didn't want the scarves to just hang straight down. They needed some movement, but not over the top like the first image.

The Milliput used had to be quite thin, which makes them very delicate to work with, especially once it had set, and grooves had to be carved in to create folds. I've also made them quite long for a certain amount of dramatic effect.

Three basic colours used for the base colours for the costume, Liche Purple, Chaos Black, Snot Green. For the shade I used Blue ink on both the purple, and the green, then dry-brushed Warlock Purple, and Dark Angels Green over the ink to blend it in, and soften. Then re-apply Liche Purple, and Snot Green on the highlighted areas to bring the colour to the front.


The following photo's are the various stages used in applying the paint effects on Diablo.

*Click on each photo to see a larger version of each of the images.

*Thanks to Blake Newman for the fantastic mock Diablo cover at the start of this post.

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information for Diablo.

Friday, 16 August 2013

White Tiger (Hector Ayala)

As the first White Tiger, Hector possessed magical items called the Jade Tiger Amulets. The amulets give him enhanced strength, speed, stamina and agility. The Jade Amulet's power is addictive.

Finding the amulets in a New York subway which had been discarded by a group known as the Sons of the Tiger, Hector used his powers to fight crime in his neighborhood. While attending Empire State University, his parents Nestor and Maria, and siblings Filippe and Awilda were murdered during an anti-superhero criminal crusade. Badly shot while tracking down the perpetrators, White Tiger recovered with the help of Spider-Man, but eventually left New York with his girlfriend and eventual wife Holly Gillis.

Ayala mysteriously came into possession of the amulets once again. Donning his White Tiger costume again, Hector had high hopes of becoming a hero once again. Coming too late upon a robbery at a pawn, White Tiger was unable to stop an officer from being shot. The two thugs managed to overpower Ayala and escape, leaving him holding a stolen TV and standing over the body of the policeman when his back-up arrived.

Upon being arrested and sent to trial, Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson were to defend Ayala in court. He had an outburst on the stand while being questioned about his marriage, which was presumably one of the reasons for the guilty verdict the jury returned. Upon hearing this, Hector grabbed a gun from a security guard and fled the courthouse. He was shot by police during his escape. The true culprit finally confessed, thanks to Matt Murdock, but his confession came too late.

Created by George Perez and Bill Mantilo, first appeared in The Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #19 in 1975.
White Tiger was a character that was championed by many on the Superhero Figurine Forum, many wanted him as part of the 200, but alas it didn't happen.
I used an Iron Fist for my base figurine, perfect stance and body mass, with not too much to remove to create the smooth look of the costume.
The devil's in the detail, or so the saying goes. The detail with this figurine was the lattice effect on the legs, and the 'Jade Amulet', which has all been carved using Milliput. I slightly over-sized the amulet to enhance it's effect. Yet again, it depends on the artist drawing him, to what size the amulet actually is.
The costume is white, but I wanted to add tones to highlight the muscle areas, which I achieved by adding Ice Blue paint, blending in with a Vallejo Glacier Blue, then using a white paint to highlight the muscles. With the amulet, I painted it silver first, then added a watered down mix of Scorpion Green, Sunburst Yellow, and white over the top. The chain effect around the neck is obtained by applying dabs of silver paint, with the watered down green mixture added on top. Metallic paints are very thick, so are great to carefully add raised detail to a figurine.

White Tiger

The following photo's are the various stages used in creating the White Tiger figurine.

Just for fun I took this photo of White Tiger flanked by Spider-Man and Daredevil. His short lived life was connected to both these heroes.

*Click on each photo to see a larger version of each of the images.

I'm now working on Mesmero, Diablo and about to start work on Magus.

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information.