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The evil doppleganger of Adam Warlock, Magus believes Good and Evil are tools to chain sentient beings. His goal is to give all lifeforms a purpose: To Worship him or Die.

The Magus was originally a future version of Adam Warlock created by the In-Betweener who came to believe that he was a god, and led his fanatical followers on a crusade to conquer the galaxy and eliminate all who were "impure". This impure consisted of all non-humanoids and certain 'undesirables' such as trolls. He uses a church called the Universal Church of Truth to attain his whims; this church treating him as a god. He used his Black Knights to protect the Church and his Grand Inquisitors to seek out those who would oppose the Church and terminate them. Adam Warlock learned of this and that the Magus was actually his darker self. He knew it was his own responsibility to stop this madness. He was trapped by the Church and they attempted to convert him to their faith but his will proved too strong. Warlock had the assistance of Gamora and Pip the Troll. He was also aided by an unlikely ally, Thanos. Warlock was able to travel his own timeline and find himself before he was to become the Magus. He absorbed himself into the Soul Gem and erased the Magus from existence, and all knowledge of him and the damage done by his Church were eliminated from the universe.

Magus was created by Jim Starlin and first appeared in Strange Tales #178 (1975).
To create Magus I needed a base figurine which would allow me to recreate the iconic stance, as evident in the Bowen Designs version of him. He needed the Infinity Glove, and needed to have a menacing face. I used three different figurines to reach the desired effect, with most of him made from using a Mephisto figurine. The face was perfect,but the body needed some work on him.
First off I had to remove the cloak, sever the torso from the legs, and remove his left arm. The torso I re-attached to a new set of legs, and at first I tried to change the angle of the arm, but it needed too much work, so I used an arm from another figurine which was already at the desired angle, removed the hand from that arm and attached Mephisto's own hand to create the claw look. The final bit of prep was to remove the hair, which when doing so left the ears pretty much flat to the head, so I then had to sculpt new ears from scratch.
Then it was a case of building up the various stages to create his costume - boots, wrist-band, Infinity Glove, trunks, costume effect on torso, hair with short pony-tail, and the belt. The belt itself was in several stages with lines and skull to add. I also needed to bulk out the muscles, Mephisto is quite a slim character, and I needed to increase his upper body mass.
The paint application involved various shades of purple, and a lot of mixing of colours to create the right shades. Mithril Silver for the boots, belt and wrist band, burnished gold for the gauntlet, with the six coloured gems added on afterwards. Chaos Black for the eye shade, with white for the eye itself.
To give you an idea of how many paints I use, here's a photo of my workspace towards the end of Magus' creation.


The following photo's are of the various stages used in applying the paint effects on Magus.

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*Thanks to Blake Newman for the fantastic mock Magus cover at the start of this post.

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information for Magus.

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Gilgamesh (The Eternals)

His true name lost in the mists of time, Gilgamesh is a member of the immortal race called the Eternals. He has went by many names over the centuries, including "Hero" and "Forgotten One", and he's fought alongside and joined the Avengers.

A member of the immortal race of god-like super-humans the Eternals, Gilgamesh spent much of his early life wandering the Earth. During this time he was often mistaken for and regarded as various figures from legend or myth, figures such as Hercules, Atlas and Samson. Eventually, the leader of the Eternals, Zuras, sentenced Gilgamesh to be confined in the Eternals home city, Olympia, ostensibly because of Gilgamesh's prideful meddling in the mortal world. He remained in exile for some time, shunned by his fellow Eternals.

Gilgamesh was created by Jack Kirby. He made his first appearance in The Eternals #13 in 1977.

For Gilgamesh I wanted a figure with quite a bit of muscle bulk, but also in a commanding pose. There was quite a few to choose from but I liked the way Doc Samson was stood, with an air of power, and majesty. Gilgamesh is an Eternal, a near God-like being, so he needed that regal stance.

Quite a simple piece compared to recent ones I've done, with minimal sculpting involved, but I still needed to create the right look for the costume. Sculpting was needed for the gauntlets, the corset effect around his stomach, his shoulder pads, and Death-Mask helmet effect. The biggest piece of work involved was with the head, creating that effect, allowing eye holes, and a mouth hole, which I managed by building up what is basically a skull effect, then sanding smooth, which is a challenge with the head being just 1 cm in height.

The paint application needed to be a little different to the normal shade and tone effects I apply to lighter colours. Black I normally leave untouched but, with this incarnation of Gilgamesh he has a sheen to the black, depending on the light available. I used 'Chaos Black' for the body, then applied 'Blue Ink' in certain areas to create the sheen effect. 'Elf Flesh' and 'Dwarf Flesh' for the arms, and 'Skull White' for the costume detail. Gilgamesh has bright blue eyes, which I managed to do by applying 'Ultramarines Blue', with 'Ice Blue' on top.


The following photo's are of the various stages used in applying the paint effects on Gilgamesh.

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*Click on each photo to see a larger version of each of the images.

*Thanks to Blake Newman for the fantastic mock Gilgamesh cover at the start of this post.

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information for Gilgamesh.