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Cecilia Reyes

Cecilia is a doctor and former X-men member. She is able to generate a force field that is tied to her life force. She had recently been spotted in Chinatown. Recently she moves to New York where she´s hanging out with Gambit.

Cecilia was born into a poor family in a bad neighborhood. She has Puerto rican heritage. When she was just six years old, she witnessed her dad gunned down and killed. She held him in her arms as he died. Cecilia made a vow that one day she would do something. Reading her brother’s science textbooks that night, she knew that she wanted to become a doctor, so that she could help other people. Thanks to her stubbornness, Cecilia spent nineteen years studying and made her way out of her poor neighborhood and went to medical school, eventually becoming an intern doing her residency at Our Mother of Mercy Hospital in the Bronx - all the while keeping her mutant powers a secret. During her time trying to become a doctor, Cecelia hadn't had a date for three years and hadn't kissed someone in four and a half years.

She was approached by Professor Xavier, who invited her to come to his school, train her powers, and then go on to join the X-Men, but Cecilia could not accept herself as a mutant. She didn't want to be involved in mutant affairs in any way; she wanted to save lives as a doctor. The Professor left, promising to keep her status as a mutant secret. For all her early life she was afraid people would discover she was a mutant.

Cecilia Reyes was created by Scott Lobdell and Carlos Pacheco and first appeared in a one-page cameo in X-Men #65 (1997) before she fully appeared in X-Men Issue #66 (1997).
A lesser known X-Character, and one, at first glance you'd think was quite simple, but alas, this wasn't to be. I used Moondragon for the base, the stance was similar to the one pictured below, which was my inspiration for her, plus it's one of very few figurines released by Eaglemoss that has ears, plus the bald head was ideal to build the dreadlocks on.
For the preparation I had to remove the cloak, smooth away the glove edges, earrings, and head band, plus hide boot, and costume lines with Milliput..
I started the sculpt building the thigh length boot straps, followed by the wrist edges on the gloves, the belt, belt buckle, arm cuffs, and to finish off the costume with her shoulder pads. The final part of the sculpt was to create the dreadlocked hair, which was created in several stages. I rolled Milliput into thin strands, and carefully created the look by laying them along the top of her head next to each other. Once these had set, I sculpted the hair line, and then in several stages added length to the individual strands, creating a natural look. This was achieved in several stages, over-laying fresh strands once each had set.
Paints used for the yellow parts of the costume were, 'Sunburst Yellow' for the base, 'Vermin Brown' for the shade, with 'Orange Fire' used to blend, and soften the brown, then 'Sunburst Yellow' again to highlight.
For the blue I used 'Ultramarine Blue' for the base colour, 'Blue Ink' for the shade, with 'Midnight Blue' to soften the ink, and 'Ultamarines Blue' to highlight.
'Blood Red' and 'Chaos Black' used for the 'X' logo's.
For the Skin I used 'Beastial Brown' for the base colour, watered down 'Chaos Black' for the shade and 'Rhinox Hide' to soften. I then used 'Beastial Brown' to tidy up the edges of the shading, with 'Vermin Brown' to highlight the skin tone.
For the hair I used the same process as the skin, but didn't water down the black, to highlight the strands of her hair.

Cecilia Reyes

The following photo's are of the basic stages used in applying the paint effects on Cecilia Reyes.

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*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information on Cecilia Reyes.