Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Goblin Queen (Madelyne Pryor)

Madelyne Pryor is Cyclops' first wife, Cable's mother and a clone of Jean Grey created by Mr. Sinister. After Cyclops abandoned her and her son, she was tricked and seduced by demons to harness great demonic power.

Mr. Sinister, sensing the potential of Jean Grey's powers wanted to kill her parents and take her to his orphanage but his plans were stopped since Jean was already being treated by Charles Xavier, and he thought that approaching a powerful telepath would be too dangerous. Although, he was able to take a blood sample from her. With the blood sample Sinister took, he cloned Jean Grey, and Madelyne Pryor was born. When the clone reached puberty she didn't manifest any mutant ability, so Sinister was disappointed.

When Jean Grey died on the moon, the Phoenix Force returned to Earth and entered Madelyne's body since it was looking for Jean's genetic material. Sinister, seeing that his creation was finally reaching the potential he always hoped for, gave her the name Madelyne Pryor and created a background for her that consisted of her being a pilot and the only survivor of a plane accident. Sinister also noted that she had some memories that belonged to Jean Grey.

Sinister was obsessed with the Summers lineage, so he placed her to work for Philip Summers at his airline, knowing that one day she would meet with Scott Summers and inevitably fall in love since she was identical to Jean, and she had some memories of her.

Madelyne first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #168 and was created by Chris Claremont. Infamously, some years before this issue there was a red-haired child in a hospital in Avengers Annual #10 (also by Claremont) that called herself "Maddy Pryor". It has since been confirmed that the child was not Madelyne Pryor and Claremont just happened to like the name which is in fact a homage to a folk singer called Maddy Prior.

There could only be one figurine to use to make Madelyne Pryor, the Goblin Queen, and that was The Phoenix from Eaglemoss. The stance for one, and the fact that Madelyne Pryor was a clone of Jean Grey.

Very little prep' needed to prepare this figurine for the sculpt, I just had to remove the sash and cover the holes with Milliput.

The sculpt itself was relatively simple, compared to recent sculpts I've done. I started by building the loin cloth, front and back followed by adding a small round piece of Milliput on her chest for the amulet. The final part to add, being her cloak which I built up in stages to create a battered, weather-beaten look.

Paints used...

Black areas - Abaddon Black, with Blue Ink to give it a blue-ish sheen.

Inside of Cloak - Evil Sunz Scarlet, Blue Ink and Red Gore.

Hair - Blazing Orange, Red Ink, and Vermin Brown.

Skin - Elf Flesh, and Dwarf Flesh, with Red Gore for her lips.

Amulet - Evil Sunz Scarlet and Burnished Gold.

Goblin Queen

Basic stages in creating the Goblin Queen

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*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information on Madelyne Pryor.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Cardinal of the Universal Church of Truth

Elite force of the Universal Church of Truth.

The Cardinals serve as the elite shock troops/assassins of the Universal Church of Truth. The Church collects the Prayer Power of it's trillion-plus faithful worshipers, literally soaks up the belief of its believers. It then converts that prayer power into energy and stores it in belief batteries. The Cardinals can tap into that immense power reserve, giving them the power to do anything if they believe they can. They're powers are not unlike those of the Quantum Bands.

The Cardinals first appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy issue #2 - Legacy, in 2008, written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.

For this figurine I wanted a dominant, regal looking character, with The Angel being an ideal choice.

The initial preparation was a simple case to remove his wings, the sculpting was a little more complicated, with a lot of Milliput used.

I started by working from the legs upwards, building the robe/skirt area first. Once I'd created the shape, and carved the material folds to the correct shape, I moved on to the armour. I started with the hip armour plates first, then built the chest and stomach plates on top of them. I then added the first layer of shoulder pads.

Next up was the armour on the arms which were built up in several stages, wrist parts first, and arm protection to finish.

With all of the armour I had to carefully carve lines in to the individual plates, on the body, and the arms.

Using Milliput I added the cloak next, creating the shape, and material folds. The cloak needed to sit under the second stage of the shoulder pads, and back plate, which I added once the cloak was finished. I had to craft an extra curved pointed shape to each shoulder.

Next was to work on the head area, creating the distinctive shaped helmet, and the detail at the back of the neck, and to finish, add the fins on the back of the armour out of thin bits of plastic. The final part of the sculpt was to add the sword.

Paints used...

The Armour - Burnished Gold and Shinning Gold (used on the edges of the cloak as well)

Cloak, Arms and Skirt - Evil Sunz Scarlet, Red Gore, Blue Ink and Blazing Orange.

Abaddon Black for his face, and the inside of the cloak.

The sword was painted using various shades of yellow, orange, Skull White, and Burnished Gold.

Cardinal of the Universal Church of Truth

Basic paint stages in creating the Cardinal

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*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information on the Cardinal.