Thursday, 26 February 2015

Amethyst (DC)

"Amy Winston" is the long lost princess of Amethyst on Gemworld. She was also a Lord of Order before the new 52 reboot.

Amethyst's real name is Amy Winston. As a small infant her parents, the rulers of the House of Amethyst on Gemworld, were both murdered by Dark Opal. She was rescued by a witch named Citrina who escaped with her to Earth. By the time of her thirteenth birthday she is still unaware of her heritage, but on this day much becomes revealed to her. A tiny lizard enters the Winston home and replaces her birthday present with a magical amethyst necklace. She is soon after kidnapped in her room by a hideous ogre, who takes her to Fortress Opal in Gemworld. During the journey there she is transformed into a 20 year old woman. She is soon introduced to one of Dark Opal’s minions, Sardonyx. She is ordered to be taken to the Dark Opal by the Ogre but she is soon rescued by Granch a servant for the House of Amethyst. She is reunited with Citrina who reveals that she intended to tell her of her past, just not in such a shocking manner. She is explained the system by which Gemworld works, with the twelve houses, each of which has a focal stone and to which the House of Amethyst is the ruling member. She thus begins to live a dual life, part on Earth and part on Gemworld as the heir to the magical power. Everytime she visits Gemworld she ages by 7 years due to differences in time.

The new 52 origin of the character is as of yet not fully clear, though it seems to fit in with the previous origin in most regards.

Her first appearance was in Legion of Super-Heroes #298 in 1983 in a free insert intended as an introduction to the character. Soon after her solo maxi-series was launched in 1983 from creators Gary Cohn, Dan Mishkin and Ernie Colon.

The Moonstone figurine by Eaglemoss jumped out at me. I'd looked at the Wonder Woman figurine first but decided to go with Moonstone, which had a more feminine build, more slim, which suited Amethyst better.

Hardly any preparation needed to set this figurine up for the sculpting part of the process. All that was needed was to smooth away some of the costume lines, and then remove from a Marvel base, and re-base on to a DC one.

I started the sculpt with her boots, using Milliput to create the long folded effect with the gap at the front cut out once set. I then moved on to the skirt area wrapped around her backside, sculpting grooves to give the correct effect of material. Next was to add the basic belt area, sitting on top of the skirt, and the golden area sat on top of her rib-cage. Once the belt was set, and carved to the correct thickness, I added in three triangles, one at the front, and two sat on each hip, and finally added the gems to each triangle.

The next stage of this process was to add the wrist guard, shoulder pad, chest gem, and small wrist piece on her left arm. The final piece of the main sculpt was to add the scarf which is attached to her left wrist, which is then joined to her right shoulder. This needed to be done using one long piece of Milliput, which I shaped to look like flowing material. Once set I carved the folds in to it.

The last part of the sculpt was to add the sword. I used a Lego sword, with Milliput added on top to create a cutlass type shape, and added the hand-guard, not forgetting the detail at the base of the guard.

Paints used...

Purple areas - Xereus Purple, Genestealer Purple, Blue Ink and Midnight Blue

Blue Areas - Ultramarines Blue, Blue Ink, and Midnight Blue

Skin - Elf Flesh, and Dwarf Flesh

Hair - Flash Gitz Yellow, Blazing Orange, Golden Yellow, and Light Yellow Model Color (Vallejo)

Metal areas - Burnished Gold, Gorthor Brown, Mithril Silver, and Abaddon Black

Eyes - Skull White, and Genestealer Purple

Abaddon Black for the base


Basic stages in creating Amethyst

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*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information on Amethyst.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)

A member, unofficial leader and former financial benefactor of the Young Avengers, Kate is also known as Hawkeye and is heir to the Bishop fortune.

The daughter of publishing magnate Derek Bishop, Kate was born into a life of privilege and luxury, though she never fully embraced her father's self-serving attitude, instead taking after her mother and contributing to a variety of social causes. The death of her mother while she was doing charity work overseas and her father's single-minded focus on his business meant that Kate learned to chart her own course early on in life. Sometime after her mother died, Kate was attacked in Central Park during a nighttime walk, and while the precise nature of this attack has never been clearly stated, it is implied that she was sexually assaulted. Turning her sense of grief, shame and helplessness towards positive ends, Kate began a rigorous training regimen, schooling herself in the arts of archery, fencing, sword fighting, self defense, and several other types of combat, all in an attempt to prepare herself against such an attack in the future and prevent it from happening to others.

Kate met the Young Avengers during her older sister's wedding when gunmen took the entire church hostage. Her quick thinking played a large part in the gunmen's defeat when things took a bad turn for the Young Avengers. Afterwards, Kate met Cassie Lang and the two became quick friends, traveling to the ruins of Avengers Mansion and joining the team even when they were threatened by Kang the Conqueror. Kate's father is very wealthy and she used this money to get new uniforms for the team after their originals were confiscated by Captain America and Iron Man, while Kate was a major driving force in keeping the team active and afloat after being shut down by the older heroes. The team also uses an empty building owned by her father as a base. After Patriot was injured during the battle between the Kree and Skrull Empires over their teammate Hulkling, Kate stood up to Captain America about their need for training. Impressed and somewhat humbled by Kate's words, Captain America gave her the codename Hawkeye and Clint Barton's bow and arrows, along with his blessing.

Kate Bishop was created by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung and appeared along with the other Young Avengers, with the exception of Speed and the young Vision, in Young Avengers #1 in 2005.

It just had to be the Danielle Moonstar figurine by Eaglemoss for the choice of base figurine, archer, bow, arrow, and female... nothing else more to say really.

Not a lot of prep' involved, removal of the pig-tails, and to hide the costume lines, and smooth away the edges of her gloves.

For the sculpt I started with the wrap-around skirt area, which was followed by adding the belt, and batons. This I followed by adding the quiver strap, and then the quiver itself, which I had to drill six very small holes in to, to be able to add the arrows. The arrows were made by using sections cut from paper clips, with Milliput added to create the feathers. Next I added the flowing scarf, starting with the front around the neck, then once the quiver had been glued in to place, I added the rest of the scarf. The final part was to add extra hair to the back of her head.

Paints Used...

Purple areas - Xereus Perple, Blue Ink, and Midnight Blue

Skin - Elf Flesh, and Dwarf Flesh

White areas - Skull White, Ice Blue, and Glacier Blue (Vallejo Game Color)

Arrows - Vomit Brown, Fenrisian Grey, and Skull White

Black areas - Abaddon Black

Metallic colours used - Chainmail, and Mithril Silver

Kate Bishop

Basic stages in creating Kate Bishop

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*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information on Kate Bishop.