Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Firehawk (DC)

Lorraine Reilly has a long history with the superhero Firestorm, both romantically and professionally. She has the ability to create and control nuclear fire and fly.

Firehawk’s real name is Lorraine Reilly. She is the daughter of Senator Walter Reilly. She was kidnapped to see if a similar result could be produced as with the development of Firestorm’s powers. These powers did eventually manifest after she was put in a sensory deprivation chamber for an extended period of time. She was then subjected to nuclear radiation which activated her metagene. She was originally pitted against Firestorm as one of his enemies, but he was able to remind her of her past and the two teamed up together against Henry Hewitt who was using the nuclear process to become Tokamak. The two eventually overcame him and became partners.

Her first appearance as Lorraine was in The Fury of Firestorm #1 in 1982 and she was created by Gerry Conway and Pat Broderick. Her first appearance as Firehawk was in issue #17 of the same series.

Yet again I used the Moonstone figurine by Eaglemoss as a base. I wanted a figurine that was feminine, and dramatic, this one is perfect, plus not a lot of costume to hide.

For the preparation I had to amputate the arms at each elbow, then re-attach them pointing downwards. This I achieved by drilling holes in the end of each arm, both parts, and then inserting a piece of metal, cut from a paper clip, in to the holes to join the arms to the rest of the body, using super-glue. I then had to rebuild the arms using Milliput, and once set, sculpted into shape. Moonstone is a Marvel character so I needed to remove her from her base, then re-base her on a DC one.

I started the main sculpt with the wings, placing a large, flat piece of Milliput on to her back to get the correct mould, whilst still wet. Once this had set I could then start the sculpt, carving, and shaping each segment. This process is very time consuming and does involve adding more Milliput to create the correct shape. Next I added the flames around the legs, and arms, pinching the wet Milliput in several places to give the impression of rising flames. The final part of the sculpt was to create the flame type hair, which I achieved using the same method used on the arms and legs.

Paints used...

Wings - Blazing Orange, Red Ink, Red Gore, and Golden Yellow.

Flames - Skull White, Foul Green Game Color (Vallejo), and Glacier Blue Game Color (Vallejo).

Boots & Gloves - Golden Yellow, Blazing Orange, Golden Yellow, and Flash Gitz Yellow.

Blue Costume - Regal Blue, Blue Ink, and Midnight Blue.

Costume Design - Golden Yellow, Red Ink, Blazing Orange, Flash Gitz Yellow.

Costume Detail - Skull White, and Evil Sunz Scarlet.

Face - Burnished Gold, Gorthor Brown, and Skull White.


Basic stages in creating the Firehawk

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*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information on Firehawk.