Friday, 10 April 2015

Batman (Blue)

A wealthy philanthropist, Thomas Wayne, his wife, Martha, and their 8 year-old son, Bruce Wayne, were coming out of a movie theater at 10:47 p.m. As they stepped onto Park Row (now called Crime Alley), a thug named Joe Chill armed with a gun approached them from the shadows to steal the pearl necklace Martha was wearing. Thomas, moving in to protect his wife, was shot by Chill, causing Martha to scream. Chill then shot her, while shouting, "this'll shut you up!". Bruce, traumatized by the deaths of his parents, would never be the same. Afterward, Bruce was raised by his wise and loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth, and inherited his family's vast fortune as well as his father's company, Wayne Enterprises. Standing at his parents' gravestones, Bruce made a solemn oath to avenge their deaths.

Despite fiscal security, happiness eluded Bruce. Young Bruce was comforted by Dr. Leslie Thompkins, who helped him to mourn his parents and find a purpose in life. At age fourteen, Bruce started a twelve year walkabout around the world seeking experts in many fields, training himself mentally and physically. From an academic standpoint, he studied at Cambridge in England, the Sorbonne in France, and other famous European universities. A Frenchman named Henri Ducard taught him man-hunting, a ninja named Kirigi taught him stealth, an African bushman trained him in the art of the hunt, and Nepalese monks taught him healing.

Bruce returned to Gotham City, where he became a vigilante. But despite all his honed skills, he knew something was missing. Bruce believed criminals to be a "superstitious and cowardly lot," and in order to rid Gotham of evil, he needed to reinvent himself to become a terrifying symbol that would strike fear into the hearts of criminals. While in his father's study, a large bat crashed through the window. Bruce saw this as an omen and recalled his fear of bats as a child. This would be his symbol; the Bat would strike terror into the Gotham underworld. Using his vast wealth, Bruce designed a costume and state of the art equipment, thus beginning a difficult double life: by day, he would be the billionaire playboy and businessman, Bruce Wayne, and by night, he was The Batman.

Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939, first appearing in Detective Comics #27

This is basically a repaint of the original Batman figurine released by Eaglemoss. I wanted to feature him in his blue costume, more so than the modern grey/black version we're all used to now.

No sculpting involved, all I had to do was hide the original Bat-logo with some Miliput, then repaint him.

Paints used...

Blue areas - Ultramarines Blue, Blue Ink, and Midnight Blue.

Grey areas - Fenrisian Grey, Abaddon Black (watered), and Sombre Grey (Vallejo Game Color)

Yellow areas - Flash Gitz Yellow, Vermin Brown, and Golden Yellow.

Skin - Elf Flesh, and Dwarf Flesh.

Skull White for the eyes, and Abaddon Black for the Bat and base.


Pre-detail addition

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*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information on Batman.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Joseph MkII

Joseph was a younger clone of Magneto, created by Astra. He sacrificed himself to repair Earth's magnetosphere, which had been altered by Magneto. He has recently returned to cause trouble for the redemptive Magneto.

The mutant who would one day be known as Joseph, had been created by the mutant teleporter Astra as a means of revenge on Magneto.

She had kidnapped the mind-wiped Magneto after the destruction of Avalon by Holocaust.

She restored his memories (by an unknown method), and created Joseph from his DNA with the important alterations of correcting the instabilities in Magneto's nervous system that caused him to go mad when he wielded too much power. Astra also removed Joseph's instinct for self-preservation, thus making Joseph far more reckless and powerful than his unwitting progenitor.

However, Magneto proved in the ensuing battle that youth and power was no match for experience and guile. While surely Joseph was more powerful and gave Magneto quite the fight, Magneto quickly separated him from his creator and once alone he knocked Joseph on the back of the head with an engine block at 500 mph and escaped. Joseph fell into the jungles of South America with no memory of who or what he was.

Joseph was created by Scott Lobdell, Andy Kubert and Joe Madureira and first appeared in a cameo in X-Men #46 before appearing fully a month later in Uncanny X-men Issue 327.

Doc Samson was the obvious choice for a base figurine to use for creating Joseph, long hair, and dramatic stance.

Not a lot of preparation needed for this one, just had to smooth down the boots, and belt. The sculpt itself was also quite simple, with straps needed for the boot tops, thighs, and wrists, a belt, with buckle, glove tops and extension of the hair at the back.

Paints used...

Yellow areas - Flash Gitz Yellow, Vermin Brown, and Golden Yellow

Blue areas - Ultramarines Blue, Blue Ink, and Midnight Blue

Elf Flesh and Dwarf Flesh for the skin.

Skull White, Ice Blue, and Glacier Blue (Vallejo) for his hair

Evil Sunz Scarlet ans Abaddon Black for the buckle


Basic stages in creating the Joseph

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*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information on Joseph.