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A former freelance mercenary that worked for Apocalypse, Frenzy joined Magneto as a member of the Acolytes and served as ambassador of Genosha. She recently joined the X-Men after the Age of X.

Joanna was an unexpected baby girl who did not get her father´s acceptance because of her poor health status and weakness. She was the second baby in her family, his father was militant and her mother was a religious coward woman. Her older brother joined the army an eventually he was reported killed. After her brother´s death her father beat her up and finally due to his abusive treatment Joanna developed her mutant powers and accidentally killed him in self defense.

Joanna Cargill grew up bitter and angry at the world for oppressing her as a black woman and a mutant. She found solace in expressing her anger through criminal activity, working as a mercenary-for-hire. She often clashed with other mercenaries, such as Gambit, who she formed a brief romantic relationship with. She had often felt aimless, which led her to use her invulnerability in reckless ways, and made her susceptible to other mutants, such as Apocalypse and Magneto.

Frenzy, like many of the X-Men, started off as a villain. Her first appearance had her battle the original X-Men under their new name, X-Factor. It was later revealed she was field leader of a group of villains, the Alliance of Evil. After a handful of failed attempts to defeat X-Factor, Frenzy found sanctuary among Magneto's Acolytes. Frenzy spent years with this group of fanatics, until Jean Grey mind-controlled Frenzy to fight against her leader, Magneto. After serving with the X-Men for a short while, Frenzy left and was not seen until after M-Day, where she was one of the few mutants to retain her powers. She joined Exodus and his new Acolytes, which were eventually merged into Mister Sinister's Marauders. Frenzy later had part of her brain damaged in a battle with Magneto, though Professor X eventually healed her. Recently, during the Age of X, Frenzy was a member of the X-Men and romantically involved with Cyclops (known as Basilisk). After the timeline was restored, Frenzy retained her memories and continued on with the X-Men, despite her villainous past.

Frenzy was created by writer Bob Layton and artist Keith Pollard. Frenzy's first published appearance was in X-Factor #4 (May 1986).

Base figurine used was Moondragon, I wanted one that had ears, Moondragon has both ears.

Paints used...

Abaddon Black
Ice Blue
Blue Ink
Regal Blue
Glacier Blue (Valejo)
Bestial Brown
Rhinox Hide
Boltgun Metal
Burnished Gold
Skull White


Basic paint stages

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*Thank you to Comic Vine for the origin information on Frenzy.