Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Jester MkII

Here's one I've done before, requested by a fellow collector, one of Daredevil's oldest villains, a fantastic character called The Jester.

Former actor and criminal, there has been two different Jesters.

Jonathan Powers was your typical struggling actor. One day it seemed things were going to turn in his career. He received a role in an off-Broadway play and it looked to be his "big break." The critics did not think so and the audience actually "booed" his performance.

Bitter and upset, Powers began to study different techniques such as fencing and gymnastics so that he could earn different roles. He even started body building to spruce up his appearance. After putting in a lot of work and energy, he was only able to get a job as a comic relief on a kids' television show.

Powers decided to give up his acting career and turned to a life of crime. Not settling for simple armed robbery, Powers approached the Tinkerer to set himself up with some gadgets to aid his new career. He called himself the Jester and started a crime wave using his new toys and gadgets.

For the base figurine I used Iceman, perfect build, plus the added bonus of an outstretched hand, with splayed fingers for his trade-mark yo-yo to be attached.

The Jester

Pre-Paint / Sculpt

White Spray Primer Applied

Base Paints Applied

Detail and Shading

*Click on each photo to see a larger version of each of the images.

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the information on The Jester.