Monday, 18 April 2016

Copperhead (Daredevil)

The original Copperhead was a fictional pulp vigilante/hero named Richard Crandell who put 2 copper pennies over his enemies eyes to pay for their trip down the River Styx.

The second was Lawrence Chesney, a former restorer of fine art who worked at the Metropolitain Museum of Art and turned criminal. His father went insane and claimed, he was the original pulp hero. Believing his fathers claim, he grew up mad that his father never was paid for the Copperhead novels. Later on, when he found out that the novels were to be reprinted into paperback, he decided to "ressurrect " Copperhead and install fear back into criminals. Daredevil fought him and during one battle Copperhead was struck by lightning and died. After his death, he was sent back to Earth to get Spidermans soul by an unknown demon. He recruited the Owl, Stilt-Man, and Gladiator to become the Gang of Four. As they were opposed by Daredevil and Spider-Man, Copperhead revealed his true nature and told them he planned on taking them all to Hell. With a portal opened, the Owl (whom Daredevil had once tried to redeem) attacked Copperhead and the Gang of Four were pulled into the Vortex, leaving the heroes perplexed .

The third Copperhead was Arthur Reynolds, who also worked in the museum with Lawrence. Learning that Chesney was Copperhead and died, he decided to steal one of the armour costumes and become the new Copperhead. He wanted to steal an expensive urn but was opposed by the White Tiger and the Human Fly. Fighting on a pier, Copperhead was accidently knocked into the river and apparently drowned due to the copper armour.

Copperhead first appeared in Daredevil #124 - In The Coils Of The Copperhead!

For this figurine I used The Question from the DC collection, the coat, and hat were very similar to that worn by Copperhead.

Paints used...

Coat and Hat - Zandri Dust, Abaddon Black/Vermin Brown mix, and Gorthor Brown.
Suit, and Gloves - Bestial Brown, and Abaddon Black/Vermin Brown mix.
Neck scarf - Evil Sunz Scarlet, Blue Ink, and Red Gore.
Face and Guns - Burnished Gold, and Gorthor Brown.


Pre-Paint / Sculpt

White Spray Primer

Base Colours Applied

Detail and Shading

*Click on each photo to see a larger version of each of the images.

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the information on Copperhead.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

New Art Blog

Hi Guys n' Gals,

Not a figurine update, or post, just sharing my new Blog...

I've just set up a new Blog showcasing my art, pop across and have a look, and please follow if you feel inclined to. It's not dedicated to anything in particular, but there will be a fair amount of animal art involved, especially pet commissions, which I've been getting. There will be some superhero, and film art at some stage but, nothing just yet.

I hope you like my new Blog...