Sunday, 24 July 2016

Captain Ultra

A lesser-known hero, Captain Ultra is nonetheless one of the cool guys of Marvel.

Captain Ultra first appeared when he attempted to join the Frightful Four. After losing the job because he passed out when the Wizard lit a cigarette in celebration, Captain Ultra disappeared, getting counseling from Doc Samson to conquer his fear of fire. He remained a super-hero for a while, but then quit and became a successful comedian.

When the Super-Human Registration Act went into effect, Captain Ultra registered. Captain Ultra was made the leader of the Nebraska Initiative team. During his time as leader one of his members, Cooper Roth, also known as Paragon killed his teammate, Gadget. As a result, Iron Man wanted to disband this team. Captain Ultra fought Iron Man in order to protect his team.

Captain Ultra's powers were released through hypnosis by an alien, giving him the power of flight, ultra-strength and endurance, durability, and reflexes. He also gained the psionic ability to become intangible at will, see through substances, and the ability to project his breath forward with great concussive force among others. He can apparently tap his 'ultra-potential', enabling him to manifest a wide variety of mental and physical 'ultra-feats'.He also has the "ability" to tell ultra-jokes.

Captain Ultra first appeared in Fantastic Four #177 December 1976, created by Roy Thomas, Mike Friedrich, and George Perez.

I used the Wonder Man figurine by Eaglemoss for my base, the stance and build were ideal.

Paints Used...
Altdorf Guard Blue
Blue Ink
Midnight Blue
Sunburst Yellow
Golden Yellow
Blazing Orange
Evil Sunz Scarlet
Red Gore
Snot Green
Dark Angels Green
Elf Flesh
Dwarf Flesh
Gorthor Brown
Vermin Brown
Auric Armour Gold
Abaddon Black

Captain Ultra

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the information on Captain Ultra.