Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Whiplash (Vanko)

The newest Whiplash.

Anton Vanko was a young scientist born in a Russian village named Volstok. One day, it was attacked by Iron Man decoy who murdered a lot of the people, including his father Igor Vanko in an attempt to frame Stark.

Using a specialized rifle, Vanko shot the impostor just before he fled, causing the chest plate on the armour to come off. Believing Stark to be the man who attacked his village, Vanko decided to use the chest plate to fashion a suitable weapon for his revenge. Over the next six months, he built a suit of body armour equipped with energy whips.

After breaking into the prison where Stark was being held for his alleged crimes, Vanko killed several guards and attempted to track down and murder Stark and his assistant Pepper Potts. Stark fought off Vanko using a crude suit of Iron Man armour formed from parts of several machines around the prison, and forced him to escape. After Stark tracked down the criminals who framed him, Vanko arrived at their headquarters, planning on finishing off Iron Man at all. It was there that Vanko learned that Stark was indeed framed and that the syndicate was hired to destroy Volstok by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in order to wipe out an activist who was creating anti-Putin sentiments. Despite learning of Iron Man's innocence, Vanko made one final attempt to kill him, claiming that even though he did not destroy the village, his creation did. After the building caught fire, both men had to run to safety, and Vanko made his escape. Stark was later cleared of his alleged crimes, and helped rebuild Volstok. Vanko had no part in it, and instead went to Moscow, approaching Putin's residence in the Red Square and preparing to properly exact vengeance next time around.

Anton Vanko was created by Marc Guggenheim, Brannon Braga and Philippe Briones and first appeared in Iron Man vs. Whiplash #1. The character was greatly influenced by the Whiplash that appeared in the Iron Man 2 that came out just a few months after Anton Vanko made his first appearance in comics.

I used the Aqualad figurine from the DC superhero collection. I wanted a figurine with the arms slightly raised, and a basic torso, Aqualad fit the bill perfectly.

Paints Used...
Black Ink
Abaddon Black
Snot Green
Blue Ink
Dark Angels Green
Mournfang Brown
Elf Flesh
Dwarf Flesh
Ice Blue
Skull White

Whiplash (Vanko)

Pre-Paint / Sculpt

White Spray Primer

Base Paint Applied


*Thank you to Comic Vine for the information on Whiplash.