Sunday, 6 November 2016

Two-Gun Kid

One of the Wild West's most famous gun-fighters, Two-Gun Kid journeyed forward to modern times alongside the Avengers to face new challenges as a man out of time.

Matthew Hawk was a lawyer who became a crimefighter in the Wild West known as Two-Gun Kid. Inspired by the fictitious Two-Gun Kid he read about in his youth, Matt was trained by an aging gun-slinger named Ben Dancer to become an expert marksman and rider. As one of the Old West's most famous gunfighters, the Two-Gun Kid befriended several of the other heroic gunfighters of the era such as Kid Colt and the Rawhide Kid and found a sidekick and close friend in the former boxer Boom-Boom Brown. He also got involved with a young woman named Nancy whom became his sort-of girlfriend.

Matt Hawk assumed the role of headlining character in the Two-Gun Kid series as well as appearing in several of Marvel's other Western books of the era. He was properly integrated into the larger Marvel Universe by Steve Englehart in The Avengers #141 and subsequently brought forward to modern times via time travel a few issues later.

Two-Gun Kid was created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers and first appeared in Two-Gun Kid #60. The previous star of Two-Gun Kid was Clay Harder, created by Syd Shores, whom this character was modelled after.

I used a Nightwing figurine from the DC Superhero collection for my base. The stance, and the positioning of the arms were perfect to hold his guns.

Paints used...
Altdorf Guard Blue
Blue Ink
Midnight Blue
Skrag Brown
Rhinox Hide
Mournfang Brown
Golden Yellow
Red Ink
Blazing Orange
Elf Flesh
Dwarf Flesh
Skull White
Ice Blue
Evil Sunz Scarlet
Red Gore
Abaddon Black

Two-Gun Kid

Progress Photos

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the information on Two-Gun Kid.