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Kid Gladiator's most trusted bodyguard. She was sent to protect him during his stay at the Jean Grey school for Higher Learning. She was given this task in order to increase her hatred of children for use in future missions.

Ava'Dara was born in a breedmart warehouse in Chandilar's Flesh Bazaar District. Her father was a "automated seed sprinkler" and he mother was one of the many people that worked in the Imperium's factories. Her mother's eggs were harvested each month as a part of the Imperium's government mandated body taxes. She was then grown in the womb of a slave that the Imperium had taken prison from some world they conquered. The slave's body wasn't strong enough to birth a Shi'ar child so the slave died in childbirth.

She received her name from a munitions company that bought her life rights. She grew up in high shanties of the Sky Slums of Chandilar. While working at the company that bought her she became very familiar with Shi'ar pulsar guns. She dreamed of always being an Imperial soldier. Years later she scored high enough on the "kill-exams" to be admitted into the Imperial Soldier Academy. Once in the academy she received injections to make her the perfect soldier and trained her how to use weapons. She embraced the true way of the Shi'ar warriors.

Warbird is a Marvel comics character created by writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Bachalo, first appearing in Wolverine and the X-Men #1 released in 2011.

I used the Elektra Marvel figurine for my base, perfect stance, and size plus the hands were in the perfect position to hold two swords.

Paints Used...
Midnight Blue,
Skull White
Mithril Silver
Elf Flesh
Dwarf Flesh
Ice Blue
Glacier Blue (Vallejo)
Skrag Brown
Rhinox Hide
Red Gore
Abaddon Black


Pre-Paint / Sculpt

White Spray Primer Applied

Base Colours Applied


*Thank you to Comic Vine for the information on Warbird.

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