Friday, 12 May 2017


Costumed villainy and heroism isn't for everybody, Wilbur Day sadly never learned that lesson and found himself being one of the most incompetent villains within the Marvel Universe.

Wilbur’s origin on how he became Stilt-Man was probably by far one of the cheapest ways in gaining a starting career as a super villain. Stealing hydraulic rams from his employer Carl Kaxton, Wilbur used them for a designed battle suit that uses telescopic stilts, using this design for greedy purposes by robbing places and victims both ground and air. Starting a one-man crime spree wasn’t enough for Wilbur seeing how there’s no real appreciation for his suit, seeing how it wasn’t he who designed the main component, the hydraulic rams. Coming up with the most devious plan, Wilbur decided to hire attorney Matt Murdock in order to claim full credit for designing the hydraulics and that his employer, Carl stole the ideas from him. Instantly having both Wilbur and Carl getting into a dispute at his home and ending with Wilbur stealing another design from Kaxton. This time Wilbur managed to acquire probably one of the most powerful devices ever designed, which was molecular Condenser, a weapon that could shrink and teleport any object or being. It wouldn’t be long after Wilbur pulled this crafty stunt that he would be facing Daredevil. Which resulted with Wilbur accidentally using the condenser on himself and shrinking himself into a “microverse”.

Stilt-Man was created by Stan Lee and Wallace Wood in 1965 and first appeared in Daredevil # 8.

I used a Iron Fist figurine for my base.

Paints Used


Here's a few progress photo's...

*Thank you to Comic Vine for the information on Stilt-Man

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